Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harbinger of hope

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday, a man who proves by exception the rule of senior executives being, well, not very nice (keeping this from turning into an R-rated blog, dontcha know).

From the very first day I helped this senior exec (about ten years ago), he was kind, engaging me in conversation as I helped him with his laptop, and just so pleasant to be around that I would often grab any trouble reports from his area just so I could spend a few minutes with him.

As we were eating lunch and discussing the state of the economy, my friend described his theory on turning things around.

"We need to start with small steps," he said.

"First, we need to find Rick Hamrick a job, and then everything else will just fall into place and the economy will be completely turned around in no time at all!"

I laughed along with my friend.

Later, as I considered what he said, I wondered if I'm not exactly what we need. We need a harbinger of hope, and I'm willing to volunteer. Heck, it even has a great alliteration thing going on:

Hamrick, the Harbinger of Hope

In conclusion, my fellow Americans (and readers outside America who know that American economic health serves the entire planet), I offer up my services. Employ me, and save the world economy!


Olivia said...

I agree with your senior executive friend. He is wise. This important first step will ignite the stimulus package and our economy will, I'm sure, be fine. Why can more people not see this? I don't have a good answer. :) Love, O

Julie said...

I agree with him. For me personally, the first thing I want is for my friends to be gainfully employed.