Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th? Not so much...

I've now been on the planet for more than 55 years, and never in that time have I experienced the slightest problem I could attribute to Friday the 13th.

After careful and precise use of the calculator, I am able to determine that I have survived more than eleventy-eight separate occurrences of this supposedly dire convergence of date and day of the week. Not only have I survived, I have not even noticed most of the occurrences.

So, all you folks who are worried about today? Thanks so much for taking the load off of me. I'm blissfully unaware, and I hope your drama turns out less than your nightmares indicated might be coming your way. Your service to humanity is duly noted and recorded for perpetuity.


Lynilu said...

I'd forgotten it was Friday, the 13th. Gee, thanks.

My late hub used to be terribly superstitious, and I actually think he was saddened that I was right .... nothing of significance ever went wrong on the day! LOL!

I like black cats, too. And broken mirrors? Child's play!!

Have a wonderfully uneventful day! I will, too.

Rick Hamrick said...

You know, Lynilu, it has been a great day! I had lunch with my mother (she bought), I got a call from a prospective employer, and I am now typing away to answer one of my best internet buddies.

Could life be any sweeter? Yes! Tomorrow, I will enjoy Valentine's Day with the love of my life, the one woman able to tolerate and love me despite [insert favorite irritants here]. She is up for sainthood, although it may hold her candidacy back a bit that she is not Catholic.

No problem--she is still a saint, just one without the proper papers, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I like telling people Friday the 13th is my luckiest day of the year. It's no more true than others' idea that it's unlucky, but it shuts them up quickly. :)