Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help is on the way

We inhabit ourselves without valuing ourselves,
unable to see that here, now,
this very moment is sacred;
but once it's gone--
it's value is incontestable.

--Joyce Carol Oates

As I was writing to a dear friend this morning, I wrapped up my message by typing "Help is on the way."

How critical it is for us. We are hugely powerful spiritual beings enjoying a life of self-imposed limitation as we wear these flesh-and-bone outfits and pretend we don't know our unlimited vital it is that we have hope.

Throughout the history of humankind on the planet, there have been events when people survived impossibly difficult circumstances. In every case, there is a common thread: they found a reason to hope.

I describe myself as someone who is an unfailingly optimistic person who also has a stubborn streak a mile wide. In the face of the worst of times, I'll find that one razor-thin, tiny beam of light which is somehow shining through the darkness and latch onto it for all I'm worth.

Others have different styles of coping. A good friend of mine will stand outside on a gorgeous day, check out the deep blue which colors Colorado skies, and point out the one tiny cotton-ball-like cloud, barely big enough to see, and say, "It's starting to look like rain." Yet, he is just as able as I am to hang on and get through any crisis tossed his way.

The bottom line is, no one is getting out of this alive. So let's pull out all the stops and live as if there is no tomorrow. For some of us, there isn't, and we won't know until tomorrow for whom that proved true.

Today, I wish you hope, freedom from worry, and peace in your recognition of your precious nature. We are all vital, and we all have important roles to play even when it might seem as if the universe can do without us.

I'm going to get about my business now, which today includes continuing to seek gainful employment. Please get about your business, and know that there is reason to hope. Help is on the way.


Lynilu said...

Before I read this post, I skipped back and read your reply on the previous one, then wrote another essay (Sorry I'm so verbose!). Then I read this post and was amazed at the similar train of thought.

Rick, the optimism you and I both are blessed to have is a marvelous thing. If I didn't have the Mary-Poppins-esque ability to find a silver lining in nearly everything, I don't know that I could put one foot ahead of the other, especially now. And while I'm painting that silver lining at times when it isn't naturally occurring, I remind myself that every day is a gift and that if I live it in a negative state, it is such a pathetic waste of everything!

I thank the powers that be that I find people like you in my journey, people who share my stubborn need to live as happily, as positively as can be. Thanks for your words in the next to last paragraph. I'll do my level best, and toss it right back atcha!!

Rick Hamrick said...

Lynilu--first things first: you are always welcome--no...Invited!--to offer all the words it takes to express what you feel here. As best I can recall, Blogger doesn't impose any limits, and I'm certainly not going to do so.

For optimists, it is crucial to know that expecting the best is not unrealistic.

Bless you, my friend!

Lynilu said...

Well said! Not unrealistic, at all.

Olivia said...

Wonderful post, Rick, and so encouraging to me..reminding me of things I already know but consistently forget.

I have a friend who is talented at finding flaws as well, and though it is useful occupationally, it is very self-defeating personally. I used to be exactly like this---this is how I was raised as well. I think...hope...that I have changed and am able to see and reflect the optimism that is simply true and reality.

I wish you as well, hope, freedom from worry, and peace---what a great salutation!

Love, O

From This Moment to That said...

Hi again Rick, I loved this post you write in such an encouraging way. I wrote down the part you said,
'We are hugely powerful spiritual beings enjoying a life of self-imposed limitation as we wear these flesh-and-bone outfits and pretend we don't know our unlimited nature... how vital it is that we have hope.'
I've placed it in my Journal as it made such sense to me, and right when I really needed to find something! I'm going to keep reminding myself! I've already read this post three times, it was such a help Rick, many thank you's winging their way to you!

Hugs Jane