Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who am I today? (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Who will I be?

Today, this very day, this hour and moment within it, I plan to...


How about this?Doing laundry is an honorable pursuit, if not exactly what most of us hold in our minds as our dream task on a weekend morning.

This?Sure, mowing offers the satisfaction one can gather from the beautifully even height of all those blades of grass which were so unruly only 30 minutes before.

What about...
Ah, now we're talking! a fresh cup of coffee, a four-pound Sunday paper (even if three pounds of it are ad inserts), and nothing but quiet as far as the ear can hear.

And, to address the original question, I will be a man in his element, with a bunch of papers in his lap which constitute thousands of words placed in just the order they appear thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people whose passion is to make this very moment possible for me. Well...and for about 700,000 other households if they work for the local newspaper, and untold millions if the writers work for AP, but it's up to all of them to blog about what they are experiencing.

This moment is mine.

[editor's note: The dryer is turning the last load right now, the mower will be active in a little bit--thankfully not on the huge expanse pictured above--and only then will this man be in the world of words with his pile of newspaper sections. So, today, he is the launderer, the landscaper, and the man of leisure]

[editor's note, redux: at least in part, this post echoes post number 3 of this same blog, written almost a year ago:]


Olivia said...

Rick, I thought that was your yard at first!!

It sounds like a lovely Sunday,

Love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

We had a great time, did Julia and I, and we got some stuff done (not just laundry and mowing, either!).

I realized I needed to note that this was not my yard when I saw I would have to be three streets over to make my house appear that far away, and it would be pretty apparent that my lawn doesn't encompass four other houses and all the fences between. The only challenge of our yard is that it winds all around lots of garden space, so there are not the long, straight swaths to mow. Instead, it is lots of negotiation of curves, turns, edges of flower beds, etc. It makes my little electric mower much more valuable, as a big mower would be impossible in our space.

Jane said...

You forgot to add, "lay on my hammock reading the 4 pound paper".....that would be a perfect sunday too :))))

GreenishLady said...

Just stopping by to thank you for your kind words of sympathy on the death of my mother. Time is passing, and the journey of grief is under way - made so much easier by the kindness of friends near and far. Thank you.