Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank you, and good night!

Folks who have been around this little neck of the woods for long are already aware of the fact that I am hardly a blogger with any motivation to put something up--anything--often enough to appease the imagined public.

Quite differently from that, I tend to write when moved to do so, and it can be every day or twice in three months.

At some point maybe a year or so ago, I finally added a badge to my many badges (and, I have earned every bleepin' one of them including the Zero Page Views badge, repeat recipient) which simply indicates that I blog when and if I am moved to do so. I won't apologize for going weeks without posting here because I never promised anything to those who stop by.

Well, except on rare occasions: my participation in the #blog30 journey, just concluded yesterday, was fun, and it gave me exactly what I hoped it would. It provided me the chance to feel some pressure to perform, even as I knew the real consequences of failure were virtually nil. Hell, some minority of the folks who signed up to blog every day for a month never blogged once.

Let me say that again. Folks signed up and promised to blog for 30 days, and never made a single post. Even more baffling, some signed up and didn't have a bleepin' blog to fail to post to! Yes, I'm telling the truth. There were some who signed up and had only some sales page to direct people to, and the page offered no chance to see regular updates (or a blog) at all.

I don't know if the last two paragraphs are preamble to my own admission, but if you take it that way, I won't dispute it.

I'm saying goodbye today.

Not goodbye forever or goodbye to my comfortable blogging home, just goodbye to daily blogging.

I feel good about the quality of the writing I did in June--every single day of the month--and yet, I know that the well has been drawn down below a safe level. I need to take some time to rediscover what it is I have to say so I can say it with just as much audacity as I hope you saw last month.

Don't expect a post from me tomorrow. I'm not saying it won't happen, but don't expect it. Go back to being surprised to see I wrote at all, which has been the case for months prior to June.

Just wanted you to know what is likely to transpire here.

Thanks, and please do keep reading.


Lynilu said...

Thanks for the 30 days. I certainly enjoyed it, and I'll still read when you chose to post. Have fun doing whatever!

Olivia said...

Congratulations Rick on completing this challenge. I too enjoyed it very much and will continue to read whenever you post! Blessings and love, O