Thursday, July 1, 2010


The mistake we make is in believing that what we do is outside of the stream of things. It's not. We are no less Nature than the little mouse we are seeking to save by preserving its habitat. We are no more, either.

Consequences? Yes. There almost always are when you act from a position of misunderstanding, and we often do.

It is common for us to screw up the very ecosystems we seek to protect. It comes from the basis out of which we act!

What if we acted only after coming to an understanding of the position we occupy in the ecosystem rather than pretending we are outside of it?

What if we included expected actions of the general populace in the predicted outcomes?

What if we, as a general rule, allowed for the fact that Nature Rules?

Anyone who truly believes that we are somehow the determiners of the planet needs a severe lesson in humility and possibly a smackdown not unlike that with which we are punishing not only the human residents of the Gulf of Mexico land borders, but the very creatures who inhabit the waters of the gulf.

Shame on us.

Shame on us again, and shame on us for our embarrassingly futile finger-pointing.

Shame on us for our ignorance in how to heal wounds we inflict on Mother Earth and Oceans Majestic.

Shame on us!

Shame on us for our distaste for the costs involved in making right what we have broken.

Shame on us for our seeming inability to grab the bull by the horns as a nation, and toss it to the turf. Is NOW not the right time?? Was last week too soon?

I stand ashamed. I am ashamed for my own inaction, my own lack of acceptance of responsibility as I fill my car with fuel, and my own simple passiveness.

Shall we stand?

Shall we stand together?

Shall we stand together and Love our way out of this?

I have never, in hundreds of posts I have written and published here, asked that anyone do anything with what I have written. I am breaking that precedent today.

If you are touched by my message, this one scribbled right as I was about to put head on pillow tonight, please offer it to your friends in whatever fashion you find appropriate.

I love you for your attention, and I thank you for reading.

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Bernie said...

and I love you for your love, and your caring, and your indignation, and your invitation