Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Needing a break

In that odd way I am able to make sense of the world, I have decided, since I felt this morning as if things were getting a bit overwhelming and the to-do list a bit longer than I prefer, to join a 30-day blog challenge.

There is even a theory which backs my decision. Well, more a cliché, but still, it goes like this: If you want something done, assign it to the busiest person available.

It is rarely the case that I get this sense of overwhelm because I have gotten pretty good at saying "No" often enough that it never gets to this point.

Right now, though, with my wife's book approaching its emergence into the world, there are lots of tasks and meetings and decisions which cannot be put off. So, those get the prime spots on the calendar.

Right behind those commitments are all the items related to my job search. This includes the fun parts--interviewing, talking to people in order to get an interview, networking with folks so as to broaden the number of people I know who are aware of me and my skills--and the not-as-fun parts, like spending time scanning the internet for possibilities and dealing with the sheer volume of rejections which are so prevelant in an economy which has created an environment where there may be 100, 200, 500 or more applicants for any of the jobs I am seeking.

The net result is a pretty busy Rick. Then, I heard about this challenge this morning from my long-distance buddy Martha Giffen. Aw, what the heck. I'm in.

For me, "needing a break" has been translated into, "take a break and write something; you know you want to."


Lynilu said...

Oh, good!! It will be good to hear from you regularly! Standing by to read, sir1 Carry on!

Piotr said...

Great to have you on board. Have fun with all the posts and we all hope to see lots from you in the coming days.

Blog30 sure is one great way to get connected :)

Also good luck with your wife's book!


Olivia said...

What great news! I have missed your blog so much and it will be fun to see what you choose to blog about this month.

Especially, good for you for taking on this challenge at such a busy time.

Peace and happy writing,