Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

It seems that the amount of time, energy, and typing I devote to Facebook, Twitter, and OPB (other people's blogs) has impacted the amount of words emerging here.

Thank goodness there is no guarantee of a particular level of service here at good old Hamguin's.

To both of you who read what I write here, my apologies. That's not to say I will pretend to get better at regularly posting, only that I regret serving you less often than you might like.

Springtime, always a stop-and-start-and-stop process in the high plains, is stopped at the moment. We had snow a few days ago, and my lovely North-Carolina-native wife has only now ceased grousing about it. Since, we have had rain and temps in the 40's and 50's.

In Denver, Spring means 70's and impossibly deep-blue skies which go on forever. We're planning to see just that tomorrow or Monday. Maybe both days. Today, though, is supposed to be more wet and chilly weather.

We are now in the sprint stage of the runup to the release of Julia's new book, "Choosing Easy World." It has been a lengthy process, but in only 10 more weeks, the book will be out. It is a big deal, and not just for the Hamrick family. If ever the planet has needed the message Easy World reminds us of, now is the time.

I encourage you to help us get the word out. You can buy the book now at, and pre-publication purchases count toward the all-important best-seller statistics for the first week after publication. In other words, buy now, get the book in August, and help make it a hit.

If you do decide to buy, keep your receipt from Amazon. Julia is going to offer a bonus to those who preorder. I'll be sure to talk about the details here as they become available.

Looking forward, next week, to sharing lunch with long-time internet buddy Lynilu and her peeps. It is great fun to meet folks face-to-face for the first time who you feel like you have known for a long while. Pictures to follow.

It feels to me as if my long trip through the world of the underutilized may be coming to a conclusion. As much as I try to put a happy face on it, it is not easy to look for a job for a really long time and not find one. It is educational, self-revelatory, humbling, and a big reminder of the importance of persistence, but it is not easy.

I don't have any particular reason to believe the trip is almost over, just a feeling I have.

We'll see.


Olivia said...

I am so hoping that your feeling is right on, Rick. I have been thinking of you often and wishing strength and perseverance for you. It's good to read a post here; I am one of the "both" and a committed reader! xo, O

Lynilu said...

Two of two checking in!

I'm so looking forward to next week, Rick! The blogging friends I've met so far have turned out to be even nicer than I expected, and I'm pretty sure that isn't going to change with this visit.

Good luck on the job front. My fingers are crossed for you!

See you soon!

Rick Hamrick said...

First of all, it is so heartening to see both of my readers responding! [grin]

As it turns out, there are others who read what I post thanks to the magic of RSS feeds, but I feel a greater connection with those who are willing to add a comment now and then.

Ladies, you both are in my Hall of Fame, being the folks I know will comment here reliably and with such delightful kindness.

The energy is building, and while I don't know what that entails on a personal basis, I know it means that we are all about to discover new aspects of life we did not anticipate.

See you on Friday, Lyn!

Sphincter said...

Ooh! I hope that is a great opportunity coming your way, Rick! Have fun at the face to face meeting with Lynilu.