Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Innovation, simply and inexpensively

I stumbled upon this short demo video this morning, and it was an easy decision to share it with my dozens of thousands of imagined readers.

'Green Box' Product Promo (Pizza Box) from Green Box on Vimeo.

Simply brilliant. Not only that, it could dramatically cut down on the number of empty pizza boxes strewn throughout dorm rooms all over the country.


Rick Hamrick said...

Wow! Like many inventions, as I watched the video I thought, "So simple anyone could have thought of that!" How cleaver!

Rick Hamrick said...

You are so right, Lyn! I particularly like the fact that the bottom half of the box can easily fold into a smaller container to store any leftover slices.

Rick Hamrick said...

Rick, I was reading a new note on yesterday's FB discussion about language, and all the sudden it flashed through my head that I spelled "clever" as "cleaver" in my comment here!! I burst out laughing, considering my tirade!! I had to come back and confess!

Back to this topic, I agree, the storage of leftovers was great. I hate trying to find a container for leftover pizza! I hope the box becomes common at pizzerias all over the country.

Rick Hamrick said...

I did grin when I read your comment, Lyn, but I didn't immediately connect with the FB thread about lack of literacy and the threat to the state of our language.

It is the universe's way of getting a giggle: thrust upon each of us that which we most protest about!

Good for you for confessing. Now you can sleep soundly tonight.

As to the pizza boxes: they won't be adopted widely because they will cost two cents more than the boxes now in use (I may not have the number right, but you get what I mean. Even if it was half a cent more, most companies won't go for it). I hope I'm wrong!

Rick Hamrick said...

Very cool! I wonder how long it will take for pizza places near me to start using it.