Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday, my love!

Today, my dear wife joins me at the next plateau. You see, I am 23 days older than she is, so after my birthday early in the month, she gets to enjoy more than three weeks of being younger than I am.

Of course, she is the same 23 days younger all the time, but most of the year, our age at first glance is the same since we both claim the same number of years on the planet. For this short time period, though, she is a year younger.

In a couple of days, she will have been here in Denver for 12 years. We left her hometown in a rented truck containing her possessions, towing her car, on her birthday. Two days of adventure later, we arrived here.

It is impossible to emphasize enough how dear this woman is to me. Her arrival in my life has brought so much joy and love. Her heart has opened mine, and I feel it every day.

We work together almost every day on growing the awareness in the world of our oneness with each other, with everyone on the planet, with all that lives and with all that we consider to be inanimate. Julia Rogers Hamrick is a teacher who loves to see the light in the eyes of those who understand what she teaches. Her new book, Choosing Easy World, will bring that light into many more eyes.

We work together these days in consuming healthier fare so that we can be around longer to work on our shared mission.

We work together to fill our house with love so our daughters know what a house filled with love, with two people whose lives crossed and joined, feels like.

We work together to have fun, laugh a lot, cry when we need to, and enjoy each other's company.

All of that "working together" stuff ends up being less about work, and more about living fully and enjoying it to the greatest extent we can manage.

Thank you, on this anniversary of your birth, my love, for coming into my life and into the lives of our daughters twelve years ago.

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