Saturday, September 12, 2009

Accommodation vs forcing the issue

Just so you know the context within which I offer this thought, I'm firmly a believer in creating what you want, in refusing to play small, and in insisting on brutal honesty within your own head.

When we allow our wishes to come true, they do so with far greater regularity than if we attempt to force our dreams on the Universe.

It's a tough part of our magic to adjust to, given the lifelong instructions we have received to work hard, sweat lots, and reap the rewards which come solely from all that striving.

That being said, there are times when we are in the nitty-gritty, push-through-the-crap zone. If one can, it is the time to simply rise up out of that reality and rediscover Easy World.

Realistically, we may not always find that possible (it always is possible, but we may not find it so).

Now what?

Here's how I view the choices. You can accommodate the circumstances you would rather be rid of, or you can rail against the gods and insist on the circumstances changing to better suit you.

There is no single solution, as different scenarios are suited to either of these answers.

Sometimes, we must accommodate, make the most of what we have been dealt, and move on.

Sometimes, we are inspired to resist what appears to be our hand, and demand a reshuffle or a new dealer.

Here's where Easy World comes into play, even when we are not able in that moment to realize that we are not there.

Consider how you will feel if you choose accommodation. If you can see light at the end of that path, go for it.

Consider how you see yourself if you insist on a new, different situation...if you deny the current perception in pursuit of something more palatable. Do you see yourself smiling at the end of this battle?

Where you see a greater ease, a lighter being, a happier conclusion, that's the way to head. You are moving, even as you cannot claim it consciously, toward Easy World.

It is a recognition of the fact that we can only move up the scale of perception and enlightenment (toward higher vibration, as my wife describes it) a small step at a time, which brings me to offer this little bit of advice you are reading right now. If we could all be in Easy World all the time, this note would no longer be needed.

Right now, though, we each struggle with life as it is delivered to us and how that differs from life as we expect it to be. Far more often than not, the right next step is to acknowledge where you are before attempting to move somewhere else.

At the very same time, we may need to regain awareness that we are all heroes and gods. We may need to stop turning away from our power and, instead, live within it to the fullest extent.

Start where you are.

Refuse to play small.


Rick Hamrick said...

I'm not sure I've signed up to leave a comment correctly, but here goes. I just came to this post and it really speaks to me today. Everything shows up when you need it, huh? Thanks, LoLa

Rick Hamrick said...

It worked, Laura! I don't know that I will stick with this version of comment collection, but while I'm trying it, it is good to know that you were able, somehow, to actually leave a comment.