Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Staying is okay, too

Christine Kane is a marvelously talented singer/songwriter who also happens to be a really talented and innovative life coach. Her most-recent CD, Wide Awake,

is such a powerful presentation of who she is becoming. She is someone I greatly admire, and one of her songs actually sparked this morning’s post.

One of her most-popular songs is called, “Right Outta Nowhere” (this video is from a delightful concert she performed in Asheville, NC a couple of years ago), and the central theme of the song is that we are always free to walk away from the life we have when we come to realize it is time to do so.

While I was listening to the song this morning, I realized there is an equally powerful paradigm which informs the actions of some folks who may not completely resonate with Christine’s which is expressed in this song.

It was with that thought in my head and a visit from my genius that the following emerged.


It’s Okay to Stay

All the "gotta go" and "hitting the highway" songs
lead you to think you have to leave
there must be a road out there you need

Yet, it's not for everyone
this idea of leaving in order to live fully,
in order to find freedom and love

There's another path which starts in
exactly the same spot as the leavers
leave from, backpacks loaded and shouldered

As you watch them leave, you
can wave, smile, wish them well
and begin a journey of your own

You are standing at the beginning
and you are standing on the finish line
because you have come to see
that you are where you need to be

You are where, who, and why you are
You are perfectly the one
to live the life you are living
You are free to stay

You know this, deep inside
Yet it's hard to resist walking away
'cause sometimes leaving sounds
so tempting, like a wonderful escape

For some, it's staying which
offers the greater reward
so let the travelers go
and you can stay, you know.


Olivia said...

Beautiful poem, Rick, and one that means a great deal to me; I'm sure you know why! Thank you for sharing this today...Love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks, O.

You are quite right that I know there is meaning in these words for you. Certainly, you came to mind as I wrote the words.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful poem, Rick, and full of so much wisdom. It is also meaningful to me, who has so often run away. The day I quit my job, I automatically assumed it meant leaving my relationship and city. But then, by grace, I discovered I could stay and still pursue my calling. In fact, it seems that staying is what was meant to be all along. Hugs, K

Rick Hamrick said...


You fully grok the point I sought to make.

There are times for escaping and times for staying to face whatever there is to face.

I think we are alike, my friend, in that we both know that running becomes a less-attractive option as we grow in experience.

Sticking it out offers a great deal which running away cannot.

Neither is the correct answer every time. Failing to consider both, though, is always a mistake.

On a personal note, I'm so glad to know you and Syl are still seeing each other.

Sphincter said...

Very nice, Rick. When I was a young Sphincter I always swore I'd blow outta New England and never look back. And I never did, and you know? I've never really been sorry about that, either. I used to be afraid of becoming George Bailey. But, then, George had a wonderful life. Thanks for the reminder.

Jane said...

Beautiful words of wisdom Rick. So many times in the past I felt like my life would be better if I could hit the road and start somewhere new. That never solves things. We've got to stay the course with ourselves until we can see the divine that has always been there.

Happy Friday!

Rick Hamrick said...

Sphinc--So much changes when we lose the fear of becoming exactly who we are. It feels like you are there, yes?

Jane--I won't say leaving is never the answer, but it sure won't ever allow you to escape yourself. It seems to me that's what many people are trying to do when they leave: find a new self.

Thanks, ladies. It is always a pleasure when you stop by.