Monday, February 9, 2009


As I was wandering about the internet this morning, sometimes tracking down job possibilities and sometimes just wandering, I found that I knew something about Truth I had not recognized before today.

Truth is a real entity, a living one. While immortal and timeless, it is nevertheless alive.

What we do to it is a crime. We capture one scintilla of Truth, and then we swaddle it in the tackiest wrapping paper imaginable and hand it to someone. The problem is, we have, at that point, lost track of where the value is in our gift. We get all caught up in whether our giftee appreciates the wrapping, the art of surrounding their gift with beauty.

Soon enough, neither party has any idea what the ceremony was originally meant to entail. Instead, we get swallowed into a debate about the merits of particular styles of wrappings, opinions of certain types of ribbons, plusses and minuses of various gift boxes.

We have, by that point, strangled that tiny, bright little micron of Truth. It is lost again.

There's a lesson in the story.

Truth doesn't require any dressing up or fancifying. When you are able to find even the smallest bit of Truth, don't be tempted to spin it into some monstrously powerful and global statement, just share it. The beauty of it is in the sharing, not in the hoarding or adding one's ego to.


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Thanks, Lynilu. I'm grateful for your kind and regular attention.