Thursday, October 30, 2008

OFG XXV, as the world turns

The OFG is my alter-ego, given voice in particular so I can say things one might find mildly alarming/unflattering/impossibly ego-driven without necessarily attributing all of that to me. Silly idea, but here we are at the 25th post written from this frame of mind. It must be good for someone, even if I'm that someone.

When we last convened, the OFG had a lot to get off his chest. As it turns out, there were still a few teensy items which remained and ended up in this episode. All in all, though, we're almost back to normal, and by Wednesday the 5th, we'll be fine.

So, on with the show...

Post-election -- this is sort of like, "how does it feel when you stop hitting yourself on the head with that ball-peen hammer?" Usually, the answer is, "better." Ditto.

Retirement -- my 401 (k) is now a 100.25 (dorky math joke...divide 401 by 4). Somehow, I knew I was a workhorse who would not retire before it or not.

Disgust -- oops! I slipped back to the last OFG post. Oh, what the I said to my sister a few days ago, a lie spoken over and over and over becomes, at least, memorable. Once the teller of the lie is called on it, though, repeating it further only proves one an idiot to think anyone is still listening, and a fool to believe any other undecideds are going to be swayed. That, my friends, is disgusting behavior.

Final answer -- fortunately, none of us is likely to be around for this. Well, except for Regis, who is apparently the replacement for Dick Clark in the "I WILL LIVE FOREVER" sweepstakes. Dick, though, claims Regis is a known PLO sympathizer and is hoping some Israeli special forces group takes him out.

Unsympathetic response -- This is defined as the complete lack of emotive reaction to a stimulus designed specifically to prompt one. Pick any McCain tactic as an example. They all fit the definition.

Cascading excellence -- I have no idea, but isn't this phrase a pleasant change from the last few??

Humble -- It's how we can all make peace with our inner critic. If we can be humble, we can skate by that ugly voice. Otherwise, we are forced to battle, and it can be such a distraction from life's greater pleasures.

Witness to the crime -- I'm so drawn to this phrase as we wind down, this year, to the end of the presidential contest in these supposedly United States. It has been grueling to see how often challenges would be made to our common sense, not to mention our ability to simply come to a logical conclusion, all of us in the voting public.

Driven to succeed -- That's what you call people who overcome amazing odds to become well-known as successes in their chosen field.

Jerks -- That's what you call some of the people who become members of the "driven to succeed" clan as they claw their way to the top with complete disregard to others except the others who can help them to the top.

Work/life balance -- The nice way to refer to people like me who are definitely not driven to succeed in the sense of climbing the ladder toward more responsibility, power, and money. "He's got a great work/life balance!" My measure of success has much more to do with my relationships with loved ones and my own sanity than it does money or power.

Weekend -- Amen. Happy Friday to all of you!


Olivia said...


I think you have a GREAT work/life balance! That is what matters, after all. Our society/culture is warped in many, many ways...this is just one.

On with the OFG!

xxoo, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Olivia, I could not agree more!

I have now worked for the same company (well, as of a week from now, Friday the 7th) for 20 years. It is not a typical IT career, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

I accommodate my employer when required, and I take advantage of the leeway offered someone with my level of seniority (not just years, but silverback kind of respect, to put it in gorilla terms).

Finally, after all the times we have commented back and forth, I worked a gorilla reference in, even if only parenthetically! [big grin]

Julie said...

OFG for President, I say....

Rick Hamrick said...

Julie--Hey, wait a minute...isn't your middle name Hussein?!?

When I run for president, I will be smeared for merely having commented on your blog.

Oh, well. I wasn't going to run anyway. I only have one suit, and it doesn't fit anymore.

Little known trivia: my middle name is Eugene, which is American for Hussein.