Sunday, October 19, 2008

Give a little (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Thanks to my new-found friends at Joyful Jubilant Learning, I'm signed up to participate in our little contribution to the world which honors Blog Action Day, an event which seeks to enlist as many bloggers as possible to not only blog, but to take action in a focused area. This year, the focus is on poverty...or, more accurately, the elimination of it.


Last week, we at JJL decided to go with the dynamic David Zinger's idea that we contribute 2 cents (or two of the smallest unit of currency, if one is not in the US or Canada) for each word we write for one week.

The week to measure is October 26 through November 1, or beginning a week from now (I'm posting October 19th, Sunday) through the following Saturday.

You can click the icon above to sign up.

Here's the cool part of David's idea: there is exactly zero overhead. We each decide which charity we wish to support, we make our own donation, and the only central feature is that we all sign up using David's form, and we report back the same way. Just click the link above, tell us who you are and what you intend, then report back at the end of the week. The only reason we are doing this is to measure the impact of our own campaign.

No one will come calling, no one is tracking your contribution, and only you decide how much to give, and to whom you will give it.

I will be contributing to Partners in Health, and I invite you to read my comment at JJL which describes this wonderfully efficient and caring organization. (scroll down to see my comment--there are several wonderful comments you can learn from, so read your way down)

Or, just go to their site and be amazed to learn how much they accomplish with comparatively little funding.

If you decide to participate, I will match your contribution in addition to the one I plan to make. In the spirit of this program, my match will be to my charity. Of course, I can't match what you have contributed unless you tell me what you have done. You can reach me at rickhamrick [at]

So, go to the page David Zinger set up (click on the only image in this post, above), sign up, and please let me know if you do so, as I want to honor your participation and match it.


David Zinger said...

You saw more than I saw when I started this idea. I love how you focused on zero overhead and no admin costs. We are starting small, about 4 people now, but we have good potential to grow and the spirit of this is small so we have achieved success to date. Thanks for all you additional thoughts and comments on this.

Rick Hamrick said...

David--nothing like collaboration! You had a great idea to start with, and I'm happy to be helping in refining what it means and the value your plan offers.

Even if no one else signs up, I'm grateful for this chance to do something together, even if it is just a handful of us participating.

We'll see how many we have signed up by the time we start counting words in a week!

Thanks for stopping by, David.