Monday, September 1, 2008

Life is forever forgiving

Sometimes, we reach the mistaken conclusion that all is against us, everyone is our competition instead of our friend, and that only hard work offers even the slightest glimmer of hope for our survival. In fact, not just hard work, but sweaty, difficult, dirty hard work.

Oh, silly us!

Life, my friends, is always ready to offer support and solace. Our own error in failing to be open to that healing energy is one we can overcome quite easily. It is a mistake in understanding, one of projecting our own misguided expectations onto the world itself, expectations we create and which get in our way.

We have lots of choices open to us, the various ways we can progress through our lives: there is the aforementioned difficult path, as an example, and another way which involves accepting what is and buying into the flow.

The focus, today, is on the way of trusting the flow of your own life. Not only is this a path which offers the support of the Universe, it is also the way to finding the joy in becoming vulnerable and open-armed.

That difficult path mentioned before may include protecting, defending, growing a big, thick paranoiac skin.

The 'leaf in the flowing river' path, alternatively, offers complete openness to the adventure at hand, an open heart to the passersby one meets, and an innocent air which none can find anything but inviting.

It is, though, always our choice. Thankfully, even spending most of one's life on that difficult path is no impediment to changing to the way of ease. Life, it turns out, is willing to allow us to change at any time, as often as we decide to change. In fact, there is no penalty for late decisions--if you are breathing, you still have the right to choose, right now.

While there are consequences which are inevitable as a result of our choices, there is no end to the forgiveness Life offers us. Once weary of the path which seems to contain nothing but trouble along the way, we can instantly switch to a different path, with different traits and challenges. There are as many paths as there are thoughts in your head, so don't be concerned about any limit to the variety.

When you get tired of fighting your way through, I'll be there on the flow-of-Life path waiting for you. I'll supply the refreshing beverage, too.


Olivia said...

I'm so ready to go with the river's flow, Rick. Thanks for the refreshing drink :) Peace, O

jylene said...

this is so very encouraging to me at this point in my life...