Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, is air needed, or what? (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Our air conditioning system decided to take a break late Thursday. Julia and I are very grateful that this event took place now, not a month ago when Denver temperatures were daily above 95 degrees. Generally, the daily high readings are about 10 degrees lower now than in late July.

I was struck, early Saturday morning as I shot these two photos, by how empty it is inside the AC container. I had always imagined lots of important parts all doing just what they are supposed to do, all crowded into this container in order to keep us cool, and guess what? It just isn't so.

I learned that there is the little pump you can see in this shot, and the cover of the container (not visible in either photo because our HVAC expert had taken it away so as to make it functional again), and that's it. The cover has attached to it both the fan blades and the motor which drives it. The impressive-looking outside is simply a container for facilitating airflow over the coils which, after some magic, help cool the house.

So, today's Sacred Life Sunday focus is very simple: when it is hot, we yearn for cool. When our cooling system is not working, we yearn for its repair. I'm relieved to report that we succeeded in getting our system repaired within 24 hours, and early enough yesterday that we did not need to resort to going out to dinner again. Friday night, our solution to it being too hot in the house was to try a new restaurant which had working AC. We are, after all, tough pioneers here in the American west, and we know how to handle challenges!

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Olivia said...

I'm glad you were able to get someone out to your house to fix the a/c, Rick. Cool air, what a precious and beloved gift, that's for sure. Blessings, love, and rest, O