Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sighing as only a dad can do

As I was sitting tonight and wondering what went on during my eldest's experience as she traveled to London to audition for a marvelous acapella group (she did not get the gig), knowing that there was much to share and much for each of us to learn, I relaxed into that space of "I'm so tired from my day at work, and I'm so weary of wondering about my daughter, and I'm so...blah blah blah" and knew, finally, that giving up on the immediate need to know was the right path.

So, I'll be going to sleep soon, right after I spend a dozen or so minutes relishing the videos of Aubrie and her amazingly talented guests performing a little more than a month ago.

Tomorrow, I'll trouble my eldest further to learn the details. Tonight, it is enough to hear her sing so beautifully and smile. Oh...and wipe some tears.


Brad Shorr said...

My daughter is out looking for her first job as well. It may be as agonizing for me as for her. Sounds like your daughter is amazingly talented, so it should be just a matter of time. And her journey may be as rewarding as the job itself!

Rick Hamrick said...

I'm sure you're right, Brad--the journey's where the joy hides, and it's up to us to spot it amongst the waiting in airports or waiting to grow up or waiting for our dreams to come knocking on the door.

Thanks for stopping by, Brad!