Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Joyful Jubilant Learning

I'm happy to announce that my debut contribution to Joyful Jubilant Learning has been published today. For those on their mailing list, it will have shown up in their Inbox by now. The post is also visible on the front page of the blog for today only. I'll update this note with the permanent link (done!).

For those of you who have not heard of JJL, go see what the group is all about! They definitely bring out my less-obnoxious side, which is probably a good thing for me and all those around me.


Olivia said...

Congratulations on a great post, Rick! And you're right that's a fantastic site, but of course the happyluau would think that, right?

I too love 8's and am excited to hear about the 8-8-08 idea.

Congratulations again,


Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks, O! I really am happy to have discovered JJL. Not surprisingly, it was another friend-of-a-friend deal: Steve Sherlock commented on 37days, and when I followed him home, one of his interests he lists on his own blog is JJL. I signed up to get the mailings a few weeks back, and one thing led to another.

Anonymous said...

Neat article about 8, Rick. I enjoyed it a lot. Eight has been on my mind ever since I received a post card from Elspeth in Trinidad over a week ago. She sent me some clues to follow and one of the clues was the number 8.

Jane said...

Awesome Rick! I'm so in love with numbers.

Rosa Say said...

Welcome to JJL Rick, and what a debut! You have some rockin' and rollin' conversation clipping along joyously there- absolutely fabulous. Did that magic 8-ball clue you in to what a magnet you are? Way past makawalu, and going octal soon... you gave me new learning to list!

Rick Hamrick said...

Kelly--it gets stranger! I completely forgot that I had reserved a library book weeks ago: the novel is named "The Eight." And...the book is available today! You will have to blog about Elspeth's mystery postcard once you figure it out. I remember her visiting you and the cool photos you took when the two of you were out and about.

Jane! Good to see you here. I'm glad you liked it.

Rosa--welcome to my little front porch on the internet. You are, as always, very kind and generous with your comments. I honestly had no idea what to expect from my little article, so it was great fun to see people chiming in. And, in place of a Magic 8 Ball, at my house we use a Staples great big red button. Not surprising to learn that we always get the same answer: "That was easy!" (my wife's book-in-progress covers her recent discovery of Easy World...and we really do have a Staples button)