Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pansy Volunteer: the story continues

I posted a little allegory which featured our Pansy Volunteer almost a month ago, and I have since adopted that idea--the concept of starting where you are, rather than troubling oneself with either what you can no longer change, the past, or what you can work on instead of worry about, the future--as my tag line in email I send from my personal mailbox.

I'm happy to report that, when compared to the photo included in the original post, our pansy volunteer continues to wave the flag, and with even more vigor!


Olivia said...


This is the second reminder I've had today of this---being right where I am (in my case, uncertainty)---and just being. It is something I'm heeding.

Looks like some new readers found your blog, a brand new set of readers! If you go back to verification, we'll understand :)

Peace, beingness, and oneness,


Rick Hamrick said...

Yes, Olivia, it seems they found me again!

I'll give it another post or two before I return to reading all the comments prior to allowing them to be seen on the blog. I'd prefer not to do that, but I'm also not going to allow junk comments to show up with any regularity!

Thanks for being here so regularly, and I'm happy to hear you are right where you need to be at the moment: right here, right now.