Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Pansy Volunteer, redux (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

I first wrote about this perky and powerful little flower, sprung up right next to the edge of our patio, here.

This little plant, as best we can tell a volunteer which came about from one of the many pots of pansies we have in our backyard garden each spring, was and is an inspiration to me.

Today will be my last post about this little miracle, as the plant has now succumbed to the summer heat. It was the last pansy in our backyard for a couple of weeks, as it somehow had just a bit more staying power than did its cousins, even though it was completely exposed to the hottest sun of the day. Many of its relatives had shady spots, yet they gave up before this little one did.

In final tribute, here are photos I took over the almost two-month life lived out snug up against a concrete slab, the life of our pansy volunteer.

The early days:

Crazy growth spurts followed, as the summer sun was not yet up to the blazing hot it can be in Denver, resulting in lots of blooms in late June, early July:

Gradual decline, as the heat starts to get to be too much. Still, though, hanging in there:

And, not being one to dwell on the last days, here is one of my favorite shots, as the flower glories in the first rays of the morning sun.

That last photo was from a bit more than a week ago.

The past dozen or more consecutive days of high temperatures well above 90 spelled the end, yet I know that "the little plant that could" will continue to be in my thoughts. Every day, when I wake up and complete my morning ritual of expressing amazement and thanks for the return of light as the sun approaches the horizon and the return to consciousness one more time, I will next consider the pansy volunteer, and I'll begin right where I am.

My Sacred Life, Sunday, July 27th, reminding myself and my loyal readers out there--both of you--that we can begin this day right where we are, and we can make it the best today possible. It's a choice!


Olivia said...

Aw, come on, Rick, there are more of us---your readers are just shy, is all! As it happens, this was a timely reminder for me today, but a good reminder for everyday and a good concept to hold in consciousness.

Much Sacredness, O


storyteller said...

I enjoyed witnessing the story of your pansy 'volunteer' for it resonates with similar experiences of my own with regular Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups (miniature pansies). I'm always amazed when these plants appear in my garden ... apparently planted by birds each Spring. Like you I observe and celebrate their presence ... take photos along the way as they go through the yearly cycle. In years past I've actually purchased and planted a few colorful pansies on purpose, but didn't get around to it this Spring.

This year an early 'heat wave' here in Southern California shortened the blooming period of my Irises considerably ... yet I tried to take it in stride and use it as a reminder to live each day fully ... realizing NOW is all we ever have (though memories do remain along with 'anticipation of the potential of next Spring's volunteers).

As for your readership, be advised that I do follow your posts (and Olivia's and Kelly's) in my reader ... and when I have something to say (and time permits) I drop by to comment. I suspect you have more readers than you know. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

Angela said...

Bye, bye, little pansy that could. I love the way you used this little plant to remind us all of what we're capable.