Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The OFG: more

On wealth:

Money cannot buy happiness. On the other hand, why not be miserable with a couple of Bentleys, a house on the coast and one in the mountains, and a personal chef who goes with you wherever you go?

On insight:

I have no idea what is going to happen today. Admitting that is insight, in sort of an upside-down, backwards kind of way.

On everyday life:

Look, be you rich or poor, lots of your days will bear a strong resemblance to other days. It's up to you to find the magic in each.

On zebras:

If anyone has any doubt about the fact that a sense of humor is fully supported at the highest level of enlightenment, just look what the Universe did to those horses who ended up in stripes.

On giraffes:


On hippos:

If you are feeling badly about your weight, get going on a program of your choice to change it. And, when you get the chance, take a look at a hippo. Someone always has it worse than you do!

On beauty:

I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Now, we just need to find the eyes within us which recognize our own special beauty. I can see it. Can you?

On intelligence:

Being smart is not enough. If you cannot relate to those whose IQ is less, but who can fire your ass at the slightest whim, you may not reach the pinnacle you seek.

On contributing:

No one but you can decide how you can best contribute. That doesn't slow people down from trying to tell you how to contribute. It is your job to decide where your passion lies, and dive in.

On exhibitionism:

No one is really that thrilled to see someone doing an over-the-top demonstration of their innate ability. If you are Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, or can even come close to their genius, though--regardless of the topic--everyone makes the needed exception.

On who we are:

For those of you unaware to this point, please note that the person in the cubicle next to you is no less you than you are. Think about that for a bit...they are you, you are them. How does that change your relationships?

On the way of the world:

It's not a big mystery, folks. We are all one. Efforts to resist that fact turn out poorly.

On war:

We disagree. You shoot me dead. What, exactly, am I now able to contribute to the enrichment of your life?

On cooperation:

We know and appreciate the benefits of working together. Are there limits to what we can accomplish? None I know of, and none I seek to imagine.

On growing up:

I remember well the day I finally figured out that the way I felt inside was not going to change all that much the rest of my life, and it was okay. I was 25. I felt the same inside, more or less, as I did when I was 12. Yes...still true today, well into my dotage.

On responsibility:

Do what you say you are going to do. If we all met that one requirement, life would be hugely easier for all of us.

On excellence:

The standard has not changed. Do the very best you know how to do, and do it in an area which you dearly love. The result will define 'excellence' for you.

On trust:

Go into any new situation with the understanding that you have something to prove. Choose trust. If you prove yourself trustworthy, almost everything else will magically take care of itself.

On vulnerability:

It is impossible to establish the kind of deep, meaningful relationships with others which so enrich our lives without being vulnerable with those people. Sometimes, they will hurt us, and sometimes, us, them. It is the delicate balance of these forces which produce the lifelong friendships that make our lives mean so much. Be vulnerable in order to enrich your own life!

On humanity:

Please consider the nature of yourself, and how teeny tiny the difference is between you and your neighbor. For a change, worship the areas of coincidence rather than highlighting our differences. Those areas where we are the same? They are the lubricant which allows peaceful interaction among seemingly different people.

On *ssholes:

It is, at least today, impossible to live one's life without coming into contact with people who are so beyond the pale that we have a name for them...and a great business book which defines them and teaches how to marginalize them (Dr Robert Sutton: The No-Asshole Rule). Read Bob's book, as it offers great strategies in dealing with these folks.

On futility:

There will be times when you are convinced you need to complete a particular task, yet it will not yield to your efforts. This is a tough one, but once you honestly have given it your best, if you still fall short, it's not your gig, dude. Move on. Your dream lies in a different direction.

On perseverance:

If, in your heart, you must meet some goal or match some standard, then go for it. If you fall short, go for it. If you end up in tears over the failed efforts of your past, go for it. Yes, this one is completely the opposite advice of the previous entry. Pick the one that works for you.

On heaven:

Find your passion, and live it. Find your love, and love him or her. Welcome to heaven.

On trying:

This word needs to be categorized as an invalid concept. Yoda said it best, and most-succinctly: there is do, and don't do. There is no try.

On sacrifice:

It is truly noble to sacrifice one's own goals to the betterment of someone else's. It is also not infinitely repeatable. At some point, we all have to care for ourselves with at least as much kindness and love as we care for others. Otherwise, the well runs dry and we are no good to anyone.

On triage:

Always note what is important in the moment. I have a friend whose father had a stroke recently. He wanted to know if he needed to concern himself about issues at work that day. No. No, and really, no. In those moments of our lives where we face such crises, there should be no question where our attention should be directed. And, if your employer disagrees, consider a new employer.

On play:

Do I really need to instruct you in this area? If so, then go bowling. It doesn't matter that you don't know how, as there is little danger of harm to others, and you will thoroughly entertain your friends as you learn the sport. It is the concern over personal safety which prevents me recommending archery. Let's leave that to Cupid.

On narcolepsy:

I was going to read up on this, but I went to sleep instead.

On Zoroastrianism:

I don't know about you, but I am not big on organized religion. I chose Zoroastrianism as the topic within which I would confess my indifference to avoid offending my many loyal readers of faiths which may be more popular. And, to cement my 'ooh! What were we ever thinking to read his nonsense??' reputation, I offer this George Carlin video, a ten-minute snippit you will either laugh all the way through, or choke off and stop within 30 seconds.

If you decided George was not for you, you might as well cross me off your list, as well. Eventually, I will disappoint you in a way which causes consternation. While I am indifferent to organized religion, I am firmly opposed to consternation, so if I am giving you that, please close this internet browsing window immediately so that we can avoid any further problem between us.


GreenishLady said...

I've been missing for a long while, and I feel really stupid, but I don't know what the OFG stands for. I've enjoyed it, but I wish I knew what it means. Help?

Rick Hamrick said...

Imelda, the OFG is the Old Fat Guy. It's what I call myself when I look in the mirror with honest eyes. If I let my ego take a peek, I become Devastatingly Handsome Dude. Fortunately, I don't ever ever ever refer to myself that way out where people can hear me! Their raucous laughter would be unsettling.

You can read the origins of the OFG series here:

You can read the entire series if you click the "OFG" label in the right column of my blog.

Olivia said...

I wonder if this just pours out of you or if you spend hours on this. Definitely prolific enough and funny and wise enough for a book, absolutely! xxoo, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Olivia--I don't mind at all revealing the process.

Each one of these little collections was done in a matter of minutes, usually a few snippets at a time over a couple of days. And, you are right: they seem to come out just as quickly as I can type them.

After I have a few typed, I start intentionally thinking of a first letter I have not used in that collection, which causes a snippet title to jump into my head which starts with that letter. I'm not out to be sure I have used every letter, it's just a great way to direct my thoughts sort of randomly instead of driving one topic into the ground.

Thanks for asking, O! I have been thinking about how to describe the creation of these, and your question made it easy.

Steve Sherlock said...

Rick, I can second greenishlady. As a newbie here, I was struggling to come up with an appropriate meaning for OFG. Knowing that archives are full of gold, I did go digging expecting that you had spelled it out in your first post. And you did, by golly.

You might want to consider adding that somewhere that is a little easier to find!

Keep at it, the OFG's are good reading!

Rick Hamrick said...


I'm thinking about what to do with the whole "what the heck is an OFG??" question.

Part of me is fine with people asking, or digging as you did. When everything is revealed, that's usually a bit too much.

On the other hand, particularly with participation in JJL possibly leading to more visitors who have never been here on my internet front porch, I'm not looking to be needlessly difficult by denying information people are advising me to offer.

We'll see what happens. Inspiration is bound to strike. Perhaps the OFG has the answer!

Thanks for visiting and offering your suggestion, Steve! Encouraging words are fun to read, too.