Friday, June 27, 2008

In Theory

This, I suspect, is a scenario which will ring true with many people, and most so for those who are married.

Here's the deal: one has asked the beloved other to perform a task, and the wonderful spouse has agreed.

Potential source of future difficulty: what if the request is one which is inspecific: "Make it all good, okay?" as an example.

We tread on dangerous ground, here, we do.

I have a concrete example to use as a guide to help all of you who are reading to avoid a hazard.

Let's say, just as a theoretical example, that you are donating a car to a charitable organization. They ask that you remove all valuable contents of the car before the tow truck shows up.

Good husband does his duty, removing all he finds to be of value.

Good wife, the next day when the tow truck arrives, finds articles which she wanted to save still in the car. She retrieves same, and lets good husband know of the way he fell short.

Good husband, properly admonished, vows to do better next time (?!?), not really believing they will be donating a car again, at least not in the next decade.

Cut to two weeks later, when a small package appears in the mail:
"Hey, you should have gotten the garage door remote out of that car before the tow truck drove away!"

"Wait a were my backup, making sure that I did a thorough job of removing anything of value. You cannot blame me now!"

In our case, not that this is real (I said this was theoretical, right?), it mattered little. The garage is now a swimmin' pool house, so no garage remote has any power in our lives at all. The garage no longer has any automated opener attached to its door.

Still, there may be some guidance one could connote from this theoretical story...

In our case, the guidance was simple: we walked two doors down to a neighbor's house where we had been invited for dinner, and we had a really fun evening.

The lesson in this case? Toss the history and go enjoy someone else cooking dinner for you and providing delightful company. It's not always about insightful lessons here at Hamguin's!

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Olivia said...

Very funny, Rick---yes, a typical tale of married life :) xxoo, O