Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Went to a Garden Party (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Julia and I decided that late yesterday afternoon was a perfect time to have our first official garden party of the season. Here's where we celebrated.

We're not exactly raucous in our partying, but we enjoy our parties just as much as some folks do who cannot recall, the following day, what exactly it was that they had done or seen or slept through. There was champagne, but only in medicinal doses.

Here are a whole bunch of photos, some of which are the party going on, and some of which were taken this morning. You really cannot photograph our little corner where we sit and enjoy our garden very well except in the morning. Late in the day, it is well shaded by our neighbor's ancient apple tree. Makes it a great place to sit on a warm day, but a tough spot to photograph.

Attending, we had Julia, myself, Roly, and Lilah. No introductions were necessary, as we are still of sound mind enough to remember each other and our dogs.

First, Julia's self-portrait. Those are her enCroced feet as she sits in one of the blue chairs highlighted above. That's Lilah threatening to contact her attorney should we fail to cut a deal with her prior to publishing her image.
Here's a shot she took which perfectly paints the relationship that Lilah and I have: we're close, but we both keep an eye on each other, just to be sure.

Roly, making these dull flowers look brighter with his dark body providing the contrast.
...and, I will chime in with my own self-portrait (check the upper-middle mirror):

The rest of the post is hogged by all the flowers who wanted to have their chance to shine. No more words (well...except for the occasional descriptive phrase. I am not able to not comment!), just flowers. Lots, and lots of flowers...right after this shot of a glass of bubbly with a strawberry:

the eastern corner of our yard/garden has long been home to an ever-changing group of perennials, and now it is graced by a new butterfly bush in the large urn. Julia assures me that butterflies have already added it to their Denver guide book.

I really love this little one...

This shot came out nicely, with the deep blue of the obelisk as the backdrop.

How can one not find this fascinating?
I know! Let's end with a mystery, a conundrum: why would reasonably intelligent people place a pretty gazing ball behind their seats? Eyes in the backs of their heads, perhaps?


Olivia said...

How very, very, very lovely Rick! How beautiful and peaceful. Call me crazy, but I'd take a garden party like that over years of more raucous parties---to me it looks ideal. What a beautiful spot, too. A perfect Sacred Sunday! Love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks, Olivia! We do love our little hideaway in the back yard.

Coincidentally, I was over at your place posting a comment even as you were typing in this one!

rebecca said...

Seems very, very cozy and what a wonderful way to spend a morning out there reading and relaxing! i suppose i could create a similar little garden nook at home for myself but then i'd have a real hard time getting hubby to do yardwork! oh, i can see him getting lost there for hours, that's for sure!

and the puppy dogs...oh, how i love puppy dogs!

Angela said...

What a wonderful place for a party - one that lasts all summer long.

Jane said...

I love your backyard and the way you two make a day so special together. That's what being together is all about!

Rick Hamrick said...

You know, ladies, as fun as that spot looks like it might be in the morning, it gets full summer-morning sun, and in Denver, that means hot pretty early.

We usually spend our time out there late in the day, when the shade and the little breeze we usually catch makes even 90 feel much more comfortable than usual.

Rebecca--my beautiful wife is too smart to expect much in the way of gardening help from me! I do keep the grass under control and water regularly, but the green thumb is hers, and hers alone.

Angela--that spot will have us in attendance a good bit all the way into October, barring any early blizzard (we do get those every six or eight years...snow of a foot or more before Halloween). I'll still be in shorts, and Julia will have her heavier clothes and a coat over them. It's amazing we can figure out how to both be comfortable in the house, as far apart as our internal thermostats are!

Jane--we do love to do simple things (such as sitting together and watching the birds flit about, and the blossoms sway), and the togetherness part of it is truly the reason for being in those moments. To be able to comment to each other, to nod knowingly, to just share those are so right, it is what being together is all about.