Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pass the word, pitch in your ten bucks

My wife, the incredibly talented and marvelously wise Julia Rogers Hamrick, used her blogging time today to mention her friend who came up with a great idea to allow lots of people to help fund her daughter's college education.

Check it out here. This is the front page of the website:

I know how difficult it can be to consider a private school for a college destination--the costs are astronomical--and the fact that one parent is refusing to help financially just breaks my heart to read about. The details are in Amanda's letter and the letter from her mother which are posted on the website above.

Amanda has a dream, and we can help make it come true for her.

If you can spare ten dollars, do it! The PayPal link on the website above makes it very easy to do. If you are able to give more, go for it.

If you are not able to assist financially, post an entry on your own blog about this young lady. Send an email to a few friends and ask them to help. I don't know her, although Julia does know her mother. Because I have her assurance that this is a legitimate cause, I'm not hesitating to publicize it in my own small way.

And, as Julia points out in her blog today, not only is it a great way to offer a little help, it will leaving you feeling wonderful to have done so!

If you decide you want to be involved, please let me know. I will link in this blog post to all of those in the blogging world who want to add their voices in a chorus of, "Yes, Amanda! You are going to college!"

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kikipotamus said...

Thank you for making me aware of this. It's a very good cause.