Friday, March 21, 2008

Jill's Brain

My wife, Julia, sent me a link to a talk which Jill Bolte Taylor gave at TED, which is a conference that brings together marvelously talented people from all walks of life, each challenged to give an 18-minute vision of their own worlds.

In the case of Dr. Taylor, her 18 minutes is enthralling, entertaining, horrifying, and ultimately encouraging.

She is a neuroanatomist who, more than ten years ago, had the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who is a specialist in the functions and operation of the brain: she suffered a massive stroke which, over a period of hours, gave her the inside look at what she had been studying from the outside for years.

What I found fascinating is that Jill Bolte Taylor describes in detail exactly what I have experienced myself, not in the midst of a stroke but in the midst of a few seconds of insight which came and went completely without me having anything to do with controlling it. Nor, at least as of today, have I found words adequate to describe the experience. That's another story for another day.

Today, I give you Jill Bolte Taylor. Her message is one of hope and love wrapped in a story of discovery and long recovery. I hope you are as filled with joy after viewing her talk as I was. She is a remarkable human being, and it's time we celebrate her and her message.


Julie said...

Wow. Just wow.
Don't forget to tell YOUR story, ok?

Rick Hamrick said...

What an amazing woman, what an astounding story, huh, Julie?

Don't worry--rule number 12: never allude to something without including it at some point! My story will be tomorrow's post, I promise. I thought of that as I awakened this morning (it is Saturdays when I figure out what the heck Sacred Sunday will be about on my blog), so your reminder was perfectly timed.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your note, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Rick, this was so perfectly timed for me today. Thank you SO much.

Sylvain said...

Thanks Rick. That was a fascinating. Looking forward to hearing your story too.

Rick Hamrick said...

Kelly and Syl--thanks for being here!

I think those instances where we run across something which is perfectly in alignment with where we are headed and with what we can most benefit from hearing are just the universe winking, and winking in a way that is almost impossible to ignore.

I'm happy to do my part! After all, I AM the universe! [and so are you]

suzanne said...


I'm a visitor from 37 days. This woman's story is truly amazing. A friend sent it to me as well and I cried as I watched it. I am a psychology instructor and I had all my students watch it. Wow!

Sphincter said...

Holy cow. Now that's a story.