Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank you, O!

My dear blogging buddy Olivia was kind enough to honor me with a "You Make My Day" award. You can see it proudly displayed in the right column of my blog, at the top of my list of meaningful icons and badges.

In my mind, there are no more-deserving people for such an award than Olivia and Kelly, so I was happy to see that Kelly was not only on Olivia's list for this award, but at least one other person's, as well. Olivia herself received the award, one of the conditions of which is to nominate ten others. Kelly and I were on her list.

These two ladies create two of my favorite blogs, and when I need a lift, I know I am likely to find one in the latest post they have written (or latest vlog, as both are now turning into video stars, as well). Their blogs are sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes deep, and sometimes about simple, day-in-the-life events. What is always evident is the love that they put into their posts, and the joy I get when I read or view them.

So, as grateful as I am to have been noted as a recipient, and as happy as I am to display the badge on my blog, my intent is not to nominate ten others, but to honor the two who represent, for me, exactly what I feel this award is about.

Olivia? Consider this the boomerang award, as it flies right back to you. Kelly? You can now count three times that you have been awarded the You Make My Day badge.

Thanks to you both for helping me learn what blogging is when it is done well!


Olivia said...

W O W ! You're welcome, Rick, and there's not higher compliment or kinder words for me than these. You made my day...again. Thank you, Much love, O

Jane said...

Hi Rick!

Happy Wednesday and congrats on the really do make so many peoples days :))

Kikipotamus said...

Thank you. It is a huge compliment.