Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeking what we already have

Thanks to Angela, I am moved to add more to what I commented on her blog this morning, here in my own internet home.

As I move through my day as a middle-level manager of a large publicly owned corporation, I note every day how many people I pass in the halls who have such a clear message in their eyes: "Is it you? Are you the one who can help me understand? I am lost and don't know what to do about it."

It is not at all that the message is just for me--it is a message most people have in their eyes all the time. There is a longing for home, a yearning for nurture, a heart-centered desire for connection which we all are born with. At our birth, we have that connection still. Soon after, the gritty reality of this world blurs and disturbs the connection. Then begins the seeking.

For those of us who, instinctively, seek fulfillment outside ourselves, that message is in our every eye-to-eye contact with others. "Help me find me!"

There are many puzzles available to us in this game of life, and this one has a clear answer: stop broadcasting your plea for help, for direction, for hope, and get quiet. Listen.

No, really.


If you don't hear anything, get even more still, let your mind come to rest and relax.

What you hear is your beacon. It is yourSelf softly advising. You don't have to plead at all, because the part of you which is your eternal connection to the Divine never needs to be asked for help. That station is always there for you. It operates at a very low volume, though, so one must stop, be still, and listen wholeheartedly in order to hear.

Yes...'wholeheartedly'. Listen with your entire heart, wide open.

The message will be the same, I promise you, today and tomorrow and next year.



Jane said...

Good morning Rick,

I wrote a post this morning about the process of getting quiet with ourselves and looking, with no pressure, at the pieces of our lives and how the answers to our life questions are there waiting.

I see too many people just rushing around life being rude and impatient. Yesterday, I was standing at the office supply store waiting to buy some paper. I was third in line. The first woman bought a big printer and the cashier left our line to help her out to her car with it. The woman in front of me got extremely irritated that he would leave the line to help someone. She even went so far as to yell for the manager and ask if it was store policy to leave your post and help someone out to their car! There are times when I simply have to wish that person peace and keep my mouth shut. What has happened that we get ridiculed for being a helpful human being?

Olivia said...

This is a very thoughtful post, Rick. If we could only connect with that voice, with that station, at any time. I know that we can, of course, but there is a gap. Connecting is pure happiness and the end of loneliness. I've felt it at times. I feel it now! But then that feeling, that connection goes away. And somehow I forget that it even exists. And I get caught up in all kind of emotions. And events and problems of the day.

I wonder how it is that we can WALK in this?

Maybe it's simple, and it's just breathing, focusing on Presence. If it's this simple, why oh why don't I do it all the time?

You've given me a lot to think about today, Rick.

XXOO and Blessings, O

Patti said...

I felt a calmness coming over me as I read your post. Just listen, pay attention and breathe is all we have to do.

Anonymous said...

Rick. Right on. This is the lesson that finally got through to me this summer. It astounds me how all my worries and anxiety have evaporated since I started Tolle's and Tich Nhat Hanh's mindfulness and presence work. I've stopped doing and thinking in order to Be. It's the most freeing and powerful stuff in the world. And to think it was here for me all along.

Angela said...

What a thoughtful and insightful post, Rick. I always forget that tuning in to that station takes practice. Day by day, moment by moment, just practice listening to the heart station - the Angela heart station. Thanks1

Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I'm grateful for the chance to learn from each of you.

From This Moment to That said...

Hello Rick, I just stumbled upon your post today and it really spoke to me... it was JUST what I needed! So now you've got me thinking, thank you sooo much.You are so right that we should listen out for our own voice singing in the quietness!
Now I've found my way over here I'll keep on calling by, and I'm adding you to my blog-roll, thanks again and pleased to meet you. :)