Friday, December 28, 2007

Why not now?

Often, when I am at work, I will receive requests for assistance from people, and most people couch those requests politely: 'when you have time' or 'no urgency--just need help when you can stop by.'

My favorite thing to do, when it is possible to offer it, is to reply with, "How about right now?"

The thing is, this response tells those people that they are worthy of immediate attention, and that I want to help them right away so they can get back to what they do for the company, rather than waiting for me to do what I do.

Usually, the impact to the longer-term projects my team has going on is zero, or close to that. The impact to the person seeking help is high, even if only in that one moment. The value to the company is large, over time.

There's a lesson in this style of managing my team, don't you think? What if we always dealt with the issues first which offered the biggest return right now to those we are helping or working with or serving...or loving? How would that change how others feel about what we offer them? would that change how they feel about themselves?

The secret is to make sure you include yourself in the equation. If you require ten minutes to be out of the flow of things so that you can center yourself and offer attention to your own needs, that requirement is equal to the need of someone who you will help or serve or guide or assist as soon as you have recharged your own batteries a bit.

I know lots of you who read what I write have the "serving people" gene very active in your beings. You all know the truth of this: if you fail to honor your own needs, you will fail, eventually, to honor anyone's.

Help right now, when you can, and make sure you are high on the list of those you help! who is going to stop by to shovel my driveway in the morning?? Before you answer, please note that we have gotten about six more inches of snow since the blizzard-like scene you see at the top of this post!


ladybug said...

Great post Rick!

I'm going to adopt "why not know" as my mantra!

Olivia said...

I, too, enjoyed this post Rick. Great idea & leadership style. Peace, O

rebecca said...

great idea rick...a new resolution for my new year. never thought of it that way, but true! thanks for that enlightening post!

wishing you and your family a safe and happy new year.


Angela said...

What a concept! Can I come work for you? :) Good luck shoveling out of the white stuff.

Julie said...

People have actually responded to me with that answer, and I can tell you that it feels amazing.

That picture gave me the goosebumps-:)

Kikipotamus said...

Rick, I am with you! I am a HUGE fan of "there's not time like the present." I also am one who will stop what I'm doing when the other person says, "whenever it's convenient" and will say, "let's do it now."