Sunday, December 23, 2007

Love knows the way (Sacred Life, Sunday)

Here is a new piece, written in part because of the writing of some blog friends who recently detailed troubles from earlier in their lives, and reflecting my own times of trouble, many years ago. Those times can pass into history on the calendar and yet leave huge influential fingerprints on one's life.

Because it may help with any mystery as to the particular words in the piece, I'll copy in the text below the video window.

Love Knows the Way

The loss was overwhelming
It left me beyond sad, past hurt
My very being was shattered
In a way that left me feeling I had left me.

The years of keeping in the pain
The endless time spent wondering
Why was I chosen to have this happen
What was it about me which earned the experience?

As time went on, the pain did not lessen
Although it did fade and withdraw into a dark recess
A place so far inside that I wasn't even sure it was still there
It was, though...and it would erupt from time to time.

Sometimes, I could cry about it
Rarely, I talked about it with a lover or a friend
Mostly I pretended it was gone
Or lashed out at whoever was handy when I had too much to drink

Is it really annealing, this life where pain goes hand-in-hand with breath?
At least 'annealing' can be thought of as pain experienced
Which will yield strength and durability
So it's a hopeful way to view the pain...

Now, as Love speaks softly to me
The hope of annealing is more than hope
It is real, it is true, and it is glorious
For Love knows the way.


Olivia said...

Beautiful, Rick. Your poems are always so much more poignant when you read them and I can see what you emphasize and what emotion you put behind the words.

What a perfect poem for us in this holiday season, as well. My husband and I watched this for the first time together, and it was a great experience to see your video in this way.

Thank you for the many ways you support me and for my special Christmas gift (your last comment on my blog).

In peace, love, and gratitude,


Angela said...


Thank you for making me visit to look up annealing! I always love adding new words to my vault.

Thank you, also, for the kind words your wrote on my blog. I thought I had added you to my blogroll long ago, but realize I haven't. That will be remedied.

I really love the work you and your wife are doing and think it's incredibly important for people who have the sacred challenge of being part of a couple.

I wish you a warm and happy holiday season.

Kate I said...

Beautiful poem Rick and a beautiful reading of it too. Thanks for sharing this. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and joy filled Christmas!

Rick Hamrick said...

Thanks, Olivia, not only for visiting and leaving such kind words, but for setting such a powerful example of what joy and connection there is in becoming vulnerable.

Angela--happy to help with the additions to your word vault!

Kate--I'm heading over to your place right now, at O's suggestion! It has been a number of days since I was there. Thanks for the kind words, and have a great Christmas and joy-filled '08.

Sylvain said...

Rick, that was very well written. And having you read it to us was even better! Thanks. (and you got the top of your head in the frame too!!) :-)