Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Simple...if that's how you let it be (My Sacred Life, day 26)

It felt like time today to acknowledge the sacred sense I feel in my life for this tiny little desk, barely large enough to hold a laptop and a set of headphones, where I do some of my work and play here in this lakeside cottage where we are living until the end of the week.

For the first ten days, roughly, I had myself set up on a generously sized wicker table in the main room of the cottage. It is a room which is divided only by the furniture into three spaces: dining, chatting (wicker couch and rockers in front of the fireplace) and a more-casual end of the room which has a daybed and the aforementioned wicker table.

After days of spending more time than I intended on the computer, I decided to move it upstairs, at least for most of the time. This wonderful desk is where my connection to the world landed, and it is perfect. The desk is in a small bedroom upstairs which is just the right size for a single bed, a dresser, and this desk. It allows me, in these pre-dawn hours, to do what needs to be done at work, as well as to write and publish my blog entry (yes, that's what you are reading right now). And, it prevents accidental sessions on the computer if I am downstairs while the computer is upstairs on this teeny desk. It was becoming hard to come up with new excuses for being on the computer ("Honestly, honey, I tripped over the edge of the rug and stumbled into this chair in front of the computer, and my fingers accidentally struck the keyboard, and just happened to type the letters which are the address of my favorite website!! Accidents happen, you know!"), so I had to take drastic action.

It also makes it easier, in the absence of the laptop, to slip into the grace of relaxation which this cottage offers so gently. Downstairs, there is the screened-in front porch. It has two separate couch-length spaces, and yesterday afternoon we filled both. Julia and the dog-children had the comfy couch, and I had the glider which is couch-like in size. At one point, all involved were napping simultaneously. Of course, Julia and I were really both's just that we were silently, with eyes shut, reflecting on the last few pages we had read, that's all. I mean, we all know that literature is best fully appreciated by the subconscious mind, right??


ladybug said...

I couldn't agree more! (on both the placement of the computer off the main path and your style of reading!) lol I've just recently moved to our 'cabin' on the river and I can't tell you much I'm loving not having a TV any more. No more bad distractions. If I want there to be chatter in my life it comes through the sound of music or NPR or even better the sound of the river passing by...which to this day has refused to to try and sell me anything other than peace, rest, and an appreciation of beauty.

Jane said...

What a cozy, perfect space for your work while you're away! I wish you could post pictures of the rest of the looks so nice and restful!

Happy Wednesday!

Julie said...

You have described the perfect vacation. Napping and books go together very well.