Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of the season (My Sacred Life, day 25)

As we approach the end of the time when we can get fresh fruit like these great blueberries I picked up at the local market recently, it brings to mind the cycle of seasons, the circle of life, the annual passage which we are now about to enter when all of nature seems to prepare for a long winter's respite after all the busy life led from spring through the summer months.

Last winter, we had such unusually large snowfall in Denver along with colder weather than normal, that we had snow on the ground (and in the streets) for a prolonged period of nearly two months. Buffalo residents are used to that. We aren't, and it showed.

As nature begins to wind down and we enter the autumn season, we're hoping for a bit more normal winter in Denver.

Today, though, I bring blueberries to the table here in Michigan and note as sacred the bounty of food which the growing season has provided. I love blueberries, and these are very flavorful! Nothing like late-season fruit for great flavor. The ones in the photo above have already gone toward my nourishment, so they continue to exist today only in memory...and in this image I captured before I ate them.


Jane said...

Good morning Rick!

Gorgeous looking berries. When my family and I were in NH this summer, we went to a local orchard to pick blueberries. We had such an awesome time out in the fields. It seemed like there were blueberries for miles. The bushes were dripping with HUGE plump blueberries! I think we ate more than we picked.

Diva Carla said...

At last I found your sacred life blog, Rick. Your card is in the mail!
What lovely blueberries. I also live in Blueberry country, in Maine. Our have gone by about 3 weeks ago, though I ran across a turkey today who had found a good many... How do I know that? You don't want to know. I do have some feathers the bird gifted me as I a pulled it to the side of the road.

Back to your beautiful yellow and blue photo. Worthy of a painting.


Melissa said...

I moved out of Denver the day after the first (minor) snow fall last year and, even though I love winter, I was glad to miss that slamming of snow that you are refering to. Of course, I still have friends there that endured every snowy flake.