Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ready? Ummmm... (My Sacred Life, day 12)

This calm, idyllic scene of our driveway, Eddie sitting calmly and awaiting the next shift of the gear and press of the gas (don't get me started on the key thing), is not misleading.

It is ginormously misleading.

Inside the house, there is silent chaos as the clock ticks down toward launch time and mounds of stuff creep closer and closer to the front door. We leave for Atlantic, Iowa (what a cool name for a town within a hundred miles of the exact center of the continent, and tons of miles from any ocean) at some yet-to-be-determined time Thursday morning. Atlantic is our stopover point. Friday morning, we will leave there for Ludington, MI. We hope to dip our toes in the inland sea which is Lake Michigan well before dark.

My amazingly intuitive wife told me, as I headed for bed Tuesday night at my normal, (too embarrassed by it to write the actual time) p.m., "Don't even think you're going to bed this early tomorrow night! We have way too much to get done!!"

This, from the woman who reintroduced us all to Easy World. Think how much trouble I would be in were it not for her higher consciousness, which allows her to know that all is in divine order!


kwright said...

Have a wonderful trip Rick! I will miss your writing, but this time away will give you your "refueling". Enjoy the beach! The beach is my haven! Have a splendid time!

Jane said...

Have a fantastic, relaxing time! I can feel the excitement from here :))

Hamguin said...

Kim--I don't know if I will maintain my post-a-day habit which I have gotten pretty used to since beginning My Sacred Life, but there will be plenty of posts from the shores of Lake Michigan!

Thanks to you and to you, Jane, for the great send-off. It's going to be a marvelous adventure, of that I am confident!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Safe Travels!