Thursday, September 6, 2007

....And, we're off! (My Sacred Life, day 13)

What people refer to as the "business end" of a pistol is the end which is pointed at you when the armed person means business. I think most would call the front end of a car the business end, but that is not at all the case when one is packing for an almost three-week-long trip. Every cubic inch of space becomes sacred, and the last few available cubic inches bring on decision time: what comes with, and what stays home? I'm good at making those decisions, because if it doesn't fit, back in the house it goes.

What I have shot this morning is the business end of Eddie. If you don't see the serious intent to vacation apparent in that photo, I have not done our intentions justice! For, trust me: there is a seriously serious intent about in this household, and it is all about vacationing. Starting today, and I mean it.

Not only is this our day to hit the road and get about halfway to our lake-side destination, it is also the day that our premiere construction guy, Patrick, will be starting the bathroom remodel which will take place while we are in Michigan.

Julia does a great job on her blog describing how this all came about, fitting it together as if by magic in a matter of three or four days, so I won't repeat it. Suffice it to say that she leaped into action, found all the right materials and fixtures, and made it possible for Patrick to get underway as soon as we're clear of the premises.

I'd ramble a few more paragraphs, but we have miles to go before I eat.

(Look, Robert Frost can phrase it his way, and I can, mine)


daisies said...

have a wonderful time :)

Patti said...

How exciting - holidays! Let those gentle lake breezes blow away the cobwebs and smooth out any worrisome wrinkles. Have a great time!

Julie said...

I'm picturing you guys relaxing in those outdoor chairs, reading books. With ya in spirit - have a great time.