Saturday, September 22, 2007

A lovely fraction (My Sacred Life, day 29)

We needed to change our stopover on the two-day trip home from our marvelous vacation spot from the place we stopped on the way there--our Day's Inn (yes, we experience only the best when traveling!) in Atlantic, Iowa was full, so we made a reservation about 50 miles further down the road in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

It was a bit difficult, that extra 50 miles today, because we cruised those miles directly into a setting sun. Now, though, a couple of hours after we checked in, it doesn't seem like any big deal. Dinner and an adult beverage will do that for the road-weary traveler.

Interestingly, it is almost exactly 1300 miles from our driveway in Denver to the entrance to the place where we stay in Michigan on vacation. So, I paid attention to the odometer when we left this morning, and as of right now, we are exactly seven hundred and twelve thirteen-hundredths of the way home.

That's right. We are already 54.77% of the way home!

It's a fraction I have never considered before today. Today, it is sacred to me.

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Rick Hamrick said...

Our longer first day of the two-day trip proved wise when we ran into 30MPH cross winds all the way across Nebraska on day two. Thank goodness we had driven a bit longer on the first day of the trip!