Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday breakfast (My Sacred Life, day 4)

This morning I realized, as I was getting my breakfast ready, just how much I have come to love my plain old oatmeal with some wolfberries added. I'm not sure what they add, other than making the oatmeal more fun to eat, but I know they are good for me. So sayeth the house nutritionist!

For many years, I would not bother with breakfast at all. My, how things have changed for me! Mornings are much less hectic and stressful, and the irony is, it is because I have slowed down my pre-work routine. Some mornings I ride the exercise bike, some mornings I do just what I am doing now--either reading or writing, but being on the web--and every workday morning I spend some time getting early chores done at work.

I'm blessed to be able to do so much of my job from right where I sit this moment, in my basement office (more on that in a later post). It means I can get a headstart on the day, and then get ready to leave for work. This change in habit has made me a calmer, happier me, and my breakfast break just before leaving is a big part of it.


Kate I said...

Hi Rick...I enjoyed reading about your days and it's always good to have a guy onboard to put a little balance in the works. I especially liked your shoe shot!

Julie said...

I'll have to google Wolf berries, I've never heard of them. I do the same with oatmeal, using blueberries instead. Glad you've discovered breakfast!

kwright said...

I really look forward to coming to your blog in the mornings and reading what you have to say! It always gives me something to think about. On another note, I have never heard of wolfberries either. But, I'm glad they make your morning oatmeal simply scrumptious!!!

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

It's wonderful when we make a conscious decision to slow down and do life with more awareness and self-care. Yay for you!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hi Rick, congrats on creating a life/job that fits who you are and what you love! Beverly

Jane said...

I hear you about the oatmeal. I think of my oatmeal as a blank canvas. Most mornings I throw in a handful of toasted coconut, some pecans and some dried blueberries with a spray of maple syrup.

Recently, I began to cut meat out of my diet. I've been eating totally healthy now and I can feel the difference.

Your post here reminds me of my mothers daily words when I was a child: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!"....I think I'm turning into my mother :))

Carmen said...

I enjoyed both of your blogs and your wife, too.
I felt so close to her, I think we are in the same path.
She is awesome and her articles rock! I left her a comment too.
You two are a great team to admire.

Patti said...

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and like you, I sit down and savour it. I have muesli with sliced banana. Mmm