Sunday, August 15, 2010

Helping by staying out of the way (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

It has been a long time since I have written a formally acknowledged Sacred Life Sunday post.

This morning, I reached a tipping point which inspired this.

The world is a big mess. All those folks on the other side of the political chasm are jerks and worse. We are ruining the planet with uncaring and irresponsible actions, best illustrated lately in the Gulf of Mexico. Needless killing continues all over the globe, and we in the United States are providing both cannon fire, and cannon fodder.

What can I possibly do about it all?

My own path to peace--a path so short I can traverse it even as I type, and the keyboard will never be out of reach--is my way of helping.

Becoming a beacon, a human Klieg light intensely lighting the way from where I am to where I am peace, is my own salvation from despair. It is far more than that, though.

By making that journey of a single breath and shining my light, I grant others implicit permission to do the same in their lives, lighting their own lamps.

The very lighting of the lamps provides just what is needed to heal the wounds we have inflicted on each other and on Mother Earth.

The level at which all of the perceived troubles of our existence will be solved is the level we reach when we pause, accept our divinity, and create ourselves as peace, as Love, as accepting beings who know all is well.

The beauty of it is that no knowledge of deep-water drilling or insurgent engagement or dietary requirements for the starving is required.

We help by getting out of the way. It is by allowing all that is, to be, that we come to the aid of our fellow beings. Stepping away from the anguish allows infinite compassion. Radiating Love allows endless capacity for healing.





In gratefulness, I remain your good and faithful servant in the Great Game we call life. See you next time around the game board.


Lynilu said...

Time and time again, I'm touched with what you say, as it reflects myself. Your wording or presentation is different, but the underlying concept is so similar and familiar. It is reassuring to me that I'm not weird. Well, OK, perhaps we are both just a little weird, but in a good way!

Good morning, and a blessed, peaceful day to you, Rick.

Rick Hamrick said...

Lyn, I am convinced that the closer we get to the very essence of who we are, the more obvious it becomes that we are all simply expressions of the One Thought.

Thanks for your encouraging words, my friend.

Lynilu said...

Yes, one mind, one thought, is good.

Julie said...

I'm grateful for your post, reminding me to breathe. Happy Sunday to ya!

Olivia said...

It is good to see your post here for SLS Rick. We each have to find our own way to deal with the Big Mess, don't we? How beautiful to simply allow everyone and everything to be who and what they are. Peace and blessing, O