Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hanging Lake

You can rest easy, as this is not about to become a travel-and-leisure site.

Still, I am willing to post stuff which would smack of that genre if it is applicable.

Hanging Lake is such an amazingly anomalous place, an almost-tropical environment encapsulated in a high desert.

It is something like 60 miles from Vail to Glenwood Springs, the last fifth of that journey one which is so magical that we talk about it still today, more than ten years since we lived it.


Lynilu said...

There are such places, aren't there? Love such finds.

Rick Hamrick said...

Yes, and we have found several which are not that far away. Funny how it can take longer to locate local great places than the ones thousands of miles away!

Angela said...

Wow. What an incredibly beautiful place.

Karen Swim said...

Oh my gosh Rick this is so amazingly beautiful that it honestly left me momentarily breathless. I can understand why it left such an imprint on your soul. It looks like the kind of place that truly enters you, not one that you just visit but experience. I could totally envision myself there. Thanks for sharing!

Rick Hamrick said...

Karen, the amazing thing about this lake is that it is about 1000 ft above the valley floor. The hike up to the lake is quite daunting.

When Julia and I walked up, we were growing weary when we saw a group coming back down after seeing the lake, including a woman who had to be at least 70 and had a portable oxygen tank.

Needless to say, there was no way we were stopping after seeing her!