Thursday, June 3, 2010

Until you ask, you won't receive

I listened to a teleconference last night presented by someone I have great respect for, Christine Kane.

She is a wonderful singer/songwriter who has blossomed in the last couple of years into a powerhouse speaker, coach, presenter, and mentor.

The last point she made in her presentation of the seven steps toward real results is that we can move with far more efficiency toward what we want when we are willing to honor our own life by reaching out for support.

This is huge. For me, it used to be extremely difficult. The humbling experience of the last 18 months has burned that right out of me. Now, I don't hesitate. At the same time, I seek to ask for help by offering help.

It is by opening up and feeling the generous spirit within ourselves that we are able to attract that same energy, that desire others feel to be supportive and offer help.

It is a two-step process, remember. First, decide to be generous and open your heart so that you hear those who need help and can benefit from what you have to offer. Then, ask for help yourself!

Years ago, while I sat playing the guitar for a friend, she asked what I enjoyed most about playing and singing. I said that what I most enjoyed was touching people. Unbidden and unexpected on my part, I added, "If you want to touch someone, you must first be open to being touched."

The whole game, all of it, works this way. It is the Law of Attraction boiled down to its essence.

When you have decided your direction, be willing to seek out those who have blazed that trail. At the same time, listen for the requests from those behind you who need your help reaching where you are already.


Insightful Nana said...

I believe folks really want to support you but sometimes don't know how. When you ask their for support and tell the what your needs are... it give them a map. I think people appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you're doing the #30blog, I look forward to reading more! :) Have a great day!

Janet said...

Last evening I was listening to a client who is going through a huge and intentional life transition, tell me that learning to ask and accept help and support is the biggest lesson of her life. How much do we limit ourselves by refusing to ask and believing that "it's all up to me"?

Great post!

Lynilu said...

Excellent. I haven't thought about it so specifically before, but I do that most of the time and have most of my life because that's how I was raised. I believe that to teach, you have to be open to learning. To give to others without a sense of superiority, you have to be willing to receive (receiving is hard for many of us).

Thank you, Rick, for this awakening. What may I do for you?

Olivia said...

I agree, Rick, what a great post. Wish I would ask for help more, instead of waiting until I was desperate. This encourages me and gives me reasons to do so (learn to receive). Peace, joy, and continued writing fun, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Insightful Nana--I agree with you! It is both helpful and a relief when someone is willing to spell out how I can help them. The nightmare is to try and help someone and discover your efforts only made things worse!

fourcrows--Glad you enjoyed what you found here!

Janet--Your own experience with your client and their testimony is wonderfully illustrative. The Universe lines up everything we need, and often all that is required of us, is to ask.

Rick Hamrick said...

Lynilu--it is one of life's more interesting aspects. The entire subject of allowing is one I'll address during this month when more folks are stopping by.

O--none of us is alone. Never. Just as with all things, when we convince ourselves that how it is is not how it is, we do nothing but embody the conflict within ourselves.

When we can acknowledge that how things are is not how we want them to be, rather than simply denying that there is a problem or determining that we can deal with it alone, we position ourselves to be ready to ask for help.

Then comes the part where we actually ask. It gets easier, I can attest, as I have needed to ask for lots of help! I'm better at it now than I was, that's for sure.

Thanks, ladies, for stopping by and leaving me a little bit of you as indication you were here.