Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today is the day

Every so often, I take a few moments to realize how amazing it is to be a sentient being on this great big ball of dirt and water hurtling through space. How incredible that life came to the planet at all, and then that it developed in such a way that this species of which we are all members is capable of understanding what the heck is going on here.

I'm not going to wax philosophic this morning, just express my gratitude.

It is wonderful to have awakened this morning, to see the day begin to bloom, to be alive.

Lost in our hustle to complete the next errand or dash to the next event, an awareness of just this moment and how precious it is can only bring an immense feeling of awe.

So, this morning, I salute today. It is the only day I have, this one, and I plan to enjoy it to the hilt. No, I don't know what it will bring, at least not yet. Uncertainty in what will unfold need not be cause for concern. Instead, I'll let it be potential for wonderful surprises ready to spring themselves on me.

Anticipation is far more fun if what you anticipate leaves you with a small smile on your face.


Lynilu said...

It is nice to have few expectations on each day. When I do that, I find myself enjoying the days a lot. The unexpected surprises overshadow any unfulfilled expectation and makes the days bountiful!

Angela said...

Well, I salute today as well, Rick. Just stopping by to say hi. Glad to see you're cheery and optimistic - I'm even getting there myself lately. Take care!

Rick Hamrick said...

Lyn, I'm already having a fun day (job interview felt like a solid one with good feedback from the folks conducting it) and it is sunny, mild, and there will be mowing. It will be even more fun to look at the freshly manicured lawn!

Angela--it's great to see you here! I'll be by today, as I have not visited your little cyber place in quite some time.

Thanks, ladies!

Sphincter said...

Oh, Rick. I'll try to salute today, too. But sometimes I just feel like saluting the day with, as my cousin Mel crudely puts it, "half the peace sign." I know that's not helpful...Or nice. And certainly not polite. I'll keep working my outlook.