Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The perfume that's way over the top

It is that time of the season, one week every other year, when our ornamental lilac tree bursts forth with beautiful bouquets of off-white blossoms.

The tree is quite demure, understated and shy most of the time, but right now, she is a French whore. Well, not really, but she smells like one. Um, so I've been told, anyway.

The overwhelming nature of that perfume, coupled with the fact that the tree is right by our front porch, makes any passing through the front door an invitation to being knocked over by the powerful olfactory experience which is the lilac right now.

I've discovered that the perfume is at its strongest in the middle of a sunny, hot afternoon such as we had yesterday in Denver. Then, it is take-a-step-back, shake-your-head strong.

As you can see, there are lots of blossom groups on the tree. And, as you can see here, the individual blossoms are tiny. Every single one of them is giving off that “come to me, little bee” aroma, too.

If only I had the smell-my-blog plugin.


Lynilu said...

It may be temporarily overpowering, but aren't you glad you (or your predecessor in the house) didn't plant a corpse flower? In relative terms, an overpowering French whore has to be better!

My mind is working on creating that scent. Mmmmmm.

Rick Hamrick said...

Don't let me misstate it, Lyn! We love our lilac tree. We planted it ten years ago, and it even survived getting the terminal leader severed (I did it by accident when it was only six feet tall, trying to toss an extension cord over it) when Julia was able to use some ties designed for use with trees to coax another branch to become the new leader.

Now, you cannot possibly tell the tree was ever in danger, as it is gorgeous, full, and about 12 ft tall.

It's our baby, and my mention of her odoriferousness is not meant as complaint at all--more like amazement!

Lynilu said...

Oh, I got that, Rick. I just had to have some fun with you!

writerchick47 said...

The perfume of a lilac in bloom is my favorite smell. Nothing signals Spring in my soul like that sweet, overpowering smell.