Friday, June 18, 2010

Oddities and resounding eloquence

A couple of days ago, I had one of those prolonged periods, lasting hours in this case, where it seemed everything I did came out just as I was hoping it would. The entire world was conspiring on my behalf to such an extent that it was giggle-able, as I made all the lights when I went out on errands. The weather was perfect for being out and about. Music on the radio was delightfully appropriate.

Of course, much of this experience reflects my own choice in deciding at some deep level to give myself over to a glorious, fun day. How to consciously make this choice is my wife's focus with her new book.

In my case, the little entertainments during that period a couple of days ago even extended to online shopping. I found a book at Amazon which I decided to buy, and Amazon offered to set up an express checkout payphrase, something they have come up with which uses a little widget and allows one to type in the phrase as a means of checking out. It links back to all the necessary details at Amazon like payment info and shipping address.

That day, my proposed payphrase was, "Rick's Resounding Eloquence."

Seriously, could the Universe make it any plainer than that? It was my day.


Lynilu said...

I love days like that. And I love days when I remember that I can direct my attitude to any level I want, too. It is easy to be whiny and to wallow in drama, but with just a little more effort, I can also be enjoying life and experiencing the sunshine, physically and emotionally. I really like it when I remember to do so!

I think I'll go enjoy the sunshine! Have another fabulous day, Rick!

Rick Hamrick said...

Lynilu, the funny thing is this: it doesn't take more effort at all to experience joy, sunshine, and Love.

That shift, the subtle one which the entire universe recognizes, is energy-neutral.

It is, though, a choice we aren't in the habit of making, at least not most of us. From that view of it, there is almost a "gotta climb up" sense when one decides to live in joy.

It gets easier, though!!

Lynilu said...

It is a "gotta climb up" sense, yet it is the easiest climb in the world once you let go of what is keeping you from the climb!