Friday, June 25, 2010

Life, explained (6)

One of the best aspects of the arrival of the maturation of one's offspring into gone-from-the-house people--I was going to say "adults" but I'm not comfortable with that label myself so I won't weigh my daughters down with it--is that there is more time for quiet reflection.

That's not to say that the space available is not often filled with busy-ness of the silliest degree, almost busy for the sake of busy itself, but the space is there.

I talked last time about the journey becoming more and more important as one realizes how much of it is now behind when compared to the journey remaining.

It is now that the search for meaning commences.

Cleverly, the Universe hid Meaning where we would least expect to find it, and that adds up to most people ending up as clueless as they were at the start.

Going on a "search for meaning" adventure!

Here's the thing: meaning is not an external entity of any sort. It is, instead, an assigned value consideration which each of us cooks up in the cauliflower-looking organ between our ears.

Over the centuries, brilliant men and women have expounded at length and at short--pithy is the new black--about what life means. While I have enjoyed a great many of these works of explanation and elucidation, I remain unconvinced that anyone else's is more than a small influence on what I will end up with.

I'm not planning on ending up with anything for some time to come, but you know where I'm going. My "meaning of Life" statement will be ever-evolving and, with any luck, ever-enriching for those who are exposed to it.

By the same token that my own result is only slightly influenced by that of others, I have very modest expectations as to the effect on you which you can attribute to visits here to Hamguin's little nest.

Let's get specific.

My joy in writing, particularly in writing this ongoing series on how I would explain Life, is in the sense of calm confidence it leaves me with, knowing I am doing what is mine to do in the world. My pleasure in your reading is in my mind's eye where I see you nodding as you understand where I am coming from. If you take anything from here with you as you leave, take a peaceful knowing.

The knowing is not knowing everything, but knowing that it is perfectly okay not to know much about anything, as it is our curiosity which keeps our hearts beating. We're curious to know more about the unseen parts of Life. We're curious to learn how we can steer. We're curious to know why it seems to work out better for us in the long run if we can let go of that urge.

Life goes on. So will my explanation.


Lynilu said...

"The knowing is not knowing everything, but knowing that it is perfectly okay not to know much about anything..."

Truer words have never crossed the lips, er, keyboard. It is an ever-evolving wonder to me and an ever-evolving sense of security, as well, that I don't know everything and I DON'T HAVE TO!! For some people that is unnerving, but for me it is a comfort.

It applies to many avenues of life. I think it began with me when my children were small and asked me a question I couldn't answer. Some of my friends chose to brush it off until the kids forgot; others chose to make up "cute" stories. I selected to say "I don't know. Let's find out." That was followed by pulling out reference books (Yes, my dahlings, that was before the advent of the Internet!!), and often it involved a trip to the library. The thing is, everyone gained, because the kids learned to use the dictionary, the encyclopedia, and the library, and we all came out smarter!

Over time that came to be applied to many aspects of my life, and I didn't fear saying "I don't know." And sometimes I was at peace with not knowing, or rather not needing to know.

As my spiritual journey grew longer, I didn't cease to ask and to wonder, but I began to realize there are no definitive answers, only those in my head and heart. And what is in my head and heart is different from what is in yours. And hers, and his.

This was the point at which I smiled, sighed a big happy sigh and said, "OH!" Yep, just a pleased "OH!" Because I understood that I didn't have to know!

Some things are not necessary for us to know, and IMO, happiness and contentment in our lives comes when we quit struggling with it. I love new knowledge. I inhale it. But I don't lose sleep over what I don't know, because I know a lot about what I need. Besides, the Grand Design has got my back.

Lynilu said...

BTW, you were certainly up early, my friend!

Rick Hamrick said...

Yes, Lyn, much is revealed as we progress into the segment of life when meaning is explored.

And, as we both note, one of the revelations is how unimportant it is to know or be in control.

As to the time when the post was published, I set it last night to be published when it was. That way, it was already up when I got to the computer this morning to tweet about it.

No argument, though! I do get up way earlier than most people.

Lynilu said...

Don't you feel sorry for those people who never get over the need to control? Their lives are just full of stress and distress. My late hub was one, and he never found peace on this earth.