Sunday, June 14, 2009

Such it is (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Such it is

There's a sadness inside of me which brings tears, all unbidden, all needing to be felt.

Without any idea where the sadness comes from, I acknowledge and honor the feelings and cry the tears.

Oddly, the very act of crying, of allowing the sadness, provides some relief.

Is this what it is, why we are here?

Is this the name of the merry-go-round, the definition of the purpose?

Experiencing the answer, and knowing it will never be complete in my head,

I settle for what there is to be, what we are given to understand

And I nod, smile, and get up from my seat in the middle of uncertainty

And step into the next moment.

Finally, there is only the realization that all we have is one more moment, if that.

Is it enough?

It is more than enough.


Lynilu said...

I used to run and hide from those moments, because I didn't understand, and it frightened me to feel vulnerable. (I must add that I lived in an environment that required one to be strong or be eaten alive)

Living alone has given me time to develop or allow myself to be who I am. I'm no longer afraid of the unexplained tearful moments which come without warning or explanation. I don't rail against it now, but recognize that there are just those time when sadness, unexplained and unidentified, will come and go. It is pretty natural, and tears are normal and cleansing.

I finally get it.

Rick Hamrick said...

It has been a recurring theme for me lately, Lynilu, this comfort and familiarity with not knowing.

Just as I have come to learn my own value while having no job to define myself with, I continue to learn the wisdom inherent in uncertainty.

ladybug said...

I need to allow yourself the opportunity to feel sadness just as we strive so hard to constantly feel happy. It is a balance in life that we should truly strive for.

Blessings to you my friend.

Rick Hamrick said...

Monique--I agree with you completely! Balance is a delicate issue of not remaining still, but moving first in one direction, then in another, seeking to remain atop the ball.

It isn't always easy, but it is a fun challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!

SisterBrendy said...

Hi, I'm not even sure how I happened upon your blog, but wow, I read your first post and instantly knew what you were feeling! How lucky we are that we are able to cleanse our souls with a day of sadness and letting the tears flow. Some people are unable to cry. Some days I mourn for my loss of youth, other days it might be the loss of loved ones, and some days, for no reason at all. But most days, I'm incredibly happy to be the age I am, with the wisdom and freedom that comes with it. To wake up each morning and to sparked with curiosity about what the day holds in store for me. Also, I loved the poem you shared, "Forgetfulness". It hit me right between the eyes because that is exactly what is happening to me! I so often try to recall a name of a flower and can remember it starts with a certain letter, but can't recall the name! Same with books that I just read! It must be our age. I'm 55 too! Thanks for sharing your profound thoughts! I hope you don't mind that I read them. Bren

Rick Hamrick said...

Bren, you are welcome any time!

It doesn't matter how you got here, just so you know the way back so you can stop by again.

Just as you point out, there is a difference between being lightning quick in one's mind and being wise. Wisdom is never in a hurry to be the first, as it knows it's not a race.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Bren!