Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, is it? (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

Today, it feels right to highlight a regular part of my life which seems to come around about once a week: Sunday.

My Sacred Life Sunday focuses, today, on the day itself.

For me, Sunday is typically a day of getting some chores done. There's laundry to be processed, a back yard which I will mow one last time before the lawn mower is given some months off until next spring, a basement which is crying out for attention as I have allowed it to accumulate stuff without first organizing what is already down here ("here" because my computer is in the basement, so it is where I sit right now).

Julia and I will spend some quiet time together, and I'm sure she will also do some writing today. I have a stack of books from which I'll pick one or more and read a bit today, and I'll write some (in addition to this little post) as I'm inspired to.

There may be napping--it's God's way of telling us she truly does love us--and there will certainly be steaks coming off the grill about the same time Sixty Minutes is getting cranked up with the stop watch ticking.

For us, having a fairly predictable, reliably calm and peaceful Sunday is a wonderful way to end the weekend and lead into the scramble the work week can be sometimes, but leading me there well-rested and at peace. It's a good starting point for Monday!

I can remember as a teenager playing golf on Sunday afternoon. I played a great deal of golf in those days, often spending the entire day most weekdays at the course during the summer as my friend and I got a lift from his dad on his way to work, and a ride home when he was done working for the day. Sundays, though, usually left me sad during the school year, as I would gradually become a little depressed as I would walk up the last couple of fairways. The end of that round of golf meant it was time to get ready for the next week of school. I didn't mind school that much, it just wasn't as much fun as weekends were.

It is still true today that I usually enjoy my weekends more than I do time at work, but I no longer waste any of my Sunday bemoaning my coming appointment with my job the next morning. This much, I have learned in my decades since. Don't spend your fun time fretting that it will soon end! Instead, be fully alive and in your own enjoyment during those times. Monday comes soon enough, and you can regret its arrival while you are trying to find the alarm clock to silence it on Monday morning.

Right now, it is dawn here in Colorado, and I have the whole day open in front of me.

I think I'll get a load of clothes going in the washing machine now. Even chores offer a variety of satisfaction, as one sees the results. Yesterday, it was raking the leaves under our big crabapple tree in front. Today, once it warms up a little, I will make the back yard look all new with its fresh haircut. And, there will be a large amount of clothes now soiled which will be fresh and clean.

I know which way I will vote if it comes down to some time spent organizing in the basement or time spent napping. Maybe there will be time for both!

Here's to us all having exactly the Sunday we are plotting even now (those of us already awake), and may the surprises which life tosses into our carefully made plans prove to be just the ones we would have hoped for had we been so wise as to do so.


jylene said...

your sundays sound a lot like mine! the laundry is in and i'm seriously thinking that now is a good time for a nap.

Julie said...

I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as this sounds.
I take my steak medium rare.

Sphincter said...

I had all out Sunday Panic as a teen. It would kick in around 2PM, and I would just spend the remaining hours of my weekend fretting about the week. Thank goodness I am (mostly) past that time in my life now.

And I agree that Sundays are meant for naps.

Lynilu said...

Since I've retired, Sunday isn't much different than other days. But I have to admit that I take a lot of "kick-back" time on Sundays. It just seems to fit. I spent yesterday in my jammies watching movies I've recorded and reading. I love Sundays!