Thursday, October 2, 2008

You just never know

Almost a month ago, I posted a photo of the arbor in our back yard. I put up that picture because I was wistful about leaving--Julia and I were about to depart for more than two weeks as we journeyed to our September home in Michigan.

In Denver, the first hard frost is usually sometime in September. Heck, we have snow flying in September often enough that it doesn't even merit special attention. So, I figured I was seeing the arbor for the last time in all its glory.

Well, my friends, I was wrong.
This is that same arbor the day we returned from Michigan.

I have to tell you, my wife and I were both dancing around the yard to see how lovely and lush our gardens were, and to celebrate what good care our oldest daughter had taken of our home in our absence. Even the meeces were plumper than when we left! I haven't really mentioned Annette, Britney, and Christina much, but they survived our absence just as well as did our yard full of pretty plants.


Julie said...

When can they get to my house to care for my ailing deck plants? I can pretend to go out of town if that's what it takes.-:)

Jane said...

Looks so beautiful Rick! Welcome home :)))

Olivia said...

Everything does indeed look lush and still summery...from me, too, welcome home, Rick! Love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

Julie--you don't really think I am about to disclose the contact info of my magical house-sitter gnomes, do you??

Jane, thanks, and welcome home to you and yours as you get settled in your new place!

O--I'm woefully behind in my reading of my favorite blogs, but I will be there ('there' meaning your place) before the weekend is out!