Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Patti Digh: September 22nd

Patti Digh's new book, Life Is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally, is now officially out. She spent an hour yesterday morning answering questions about both the book and what prompted her to write it. You can listen to the interview here once they get the audio of the conversation posted. The interview is a great one-hour introduction to Patti, her work, her blog, and her book.

Patti (that's her on the left--see backstory here) is doing both live appearances in support of the book--you can see her schedule on her blog, left column--and also making guest virtual appearances on blogs all over the place.

I'm happy to note that Patti will be right here on my virtual front porch, perched on the imagined porch swing, holding a nice mental picture of her mug of Earl Grey with just the right amount of soy milk, bright and early on September 22nd. We're planning something a little different which I hope you will find both fun and thought-provoking.

To lead into her appearance, there will be a "Life is..." essay in her honor on the 21st, and a review the following week of Patti's 37days retreat, which I am blessed to be attending Sept 26 - 28.

Because I like Patti a lot, I'm not going to close with some wise comment which makes use of her last name. I'm sure she has heard them all and may be beginning to lose her sense of humor about the tactic.

Seriously, this book is one which will change many, many lives. We can all benefit from Patti's marvelous perspective, one which is inclusive of the wisdom to be gained from those she touches. She is really smart, that way: she knows when she sees something important delivered by someone else, and she nods her head, acknowledges the wisdom, and praises the source. Most importantly, she remembers.

Please stop by whenever you want between September 21st and the 28th. I know I'm going to have a blast that week!


Olivia said...

How exciting, Rick! I'm going to Seattle on the 10th along with Kate I and am really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Curiously, and wishing you a great day, O

Steve Sherlock said...

Rick, meeting with Patti in person, that is great. I did record a conversation with her last week and that recording will be available when the blog tour comes to Steve's 2 Cents later this month.

The book and tour events are wonderful things to participate in!

Rick Hamrick said...

O--I'll bet you and Kate have big fun in Seattle next week! Julia and I will be on the road that entire day, finally concluding a two-day road trip 8 or 9 PM when we pull into the little place where her family's cottage is on Lake Michigan.

Steve--your place in Patti's pantheon is secure! The tale of you tracking down Billy Collins and getting his autograph for her is one I remember well from 37days.

Julie said...

Hey! I am planning on heading up to Asheville on the 20th to meet her at her booksigning. I might just find something native to Atlanta and ask her to bring it to you guys if there aren't a million of her adoring fans in the way-:)

Rick Hamrick said...

I realized after both Steve and Julie seemed to be thinking that Patti is going to be at my house in person that I better clarify (and I'll edit the original post, as well): I use "my front porch" and the "porch swing" as my allegorical reference to my blog.

Often, when people comment, I thank them for stopping by my front porch.

Patti will be making a virtual appearance here at Hamguin's on Sept 22nd.

It is true, though, that I will be spending time with Patti, in person, as a participant in her retreat the last weekend of this month just outside of Asheville.

So, Julie--bring your little sumpin from Atlanta and ask Patti to give it to me a few days later! You will be seeing her the same week I arrive for the retreat.

Rick Hamrick said...

O--I had an email conversation with Patti this morning, so she knows you are going to be at the Seattle reading/signing. I'm sure you and Kate will have a blast! And, I'm sure you will enjoy meeting Kate in person, too--that's one item on my list of things to do: start meeting some of my blog buddies face to face! So far, I have met exactly none, so Patti will be the first when I meet her Friday the 26th.

megan said...

Rick...thanks for the comment on my blog re Patti & her book. I'll be meeting her tomorrow night at her reading here in Seattle & know it will be every bit as important as her book. I've been deeply affected by how incredibly inclusive she has been about the entire process and how that has both widened & fortified the impact of her writing. wow. a lesson.