Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is not a pass/fail course

Unlike some of the classes you may have taken in high school or college, life is not one which will let you skate. We are all graded on a daily basis, and we cannot appeal or do extra credit to retroactively change those grades. It can be frustrating, in fact, to discover that we often cannot learn what grade we got on a test until we realize we are taking the same one again!

The good news--or maybe the bad news, depending upon how you think about it--is that you can take the same test again. And again. In fact, you can take the same test every day from now until your stay here is up.

It turns out that life is designed this way because it gives everyone as many chances as they need. And, it also provides new challenges for those who pass the early tests quickly.

So, if you wish to learn every nuance of a particular experience, to grow by probing every little niche of the test, you can do so. There is no graduation ceremony which you may miss, so keep going over and over it if that's what you need right now.

Others of us who are here now to be the trail blazers will be hitting warp speed as they press on through lesson after lesson. That's okay, too. In fact, they may make a habit of stopping by, cruising through a whole bunch of life in a relatively short period, and then leaving as quickly as they came. They are here to show us the way, not necessarily to become experts at any of it.

Here's the bottom line: we are all here to do exactly what we feel the desire to do. There are billions beyond billions of roles to be filled, and only each of us, as individuals, can best serve in the role we are in. We are each important, unique, and irreplaceable.

[It is likely that this is the first in a new series, but since there is only one post so far, I'm not committing. We'll see!]

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