Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good accomplishments! (My Sacred Life, Sunday)

It has been a week of what I believe are pretty cool accomplishments: from deciding that we would accept my sister's donation of a great desk and two seven-foot-tall bookshelves to having them in our house within 48 hours (she lives 90 minutes from us), to a large reorganization project in my wife's office involving the new desk (it's in, it's creating for her a great opportunity to ditch papers she doesn't need anymore and better sort the ones remaining, and it created for me the chance to untangle the horrible cable rat's nest which constituted all her connectivity).

That was yesterday. In case I failed to mention it, I also did our weekly grocery shopping, mowed the back yard, and digitized four of my wife's teleseminars so we can prepare them for people to download.

Did I mention that the temperature in Denver yesterday was something approaching 100 degrees? Or that our air conditioner, bless its heart, is really not able to keep up when it is that hot?

It is embarrassing to admit, but I was so wrung out by the end of the day that I chose sleep over food [GASP!]. Yes, the old fat guy was too tired to eat, and collapsed into bed before 7 pm. My wonderful wife, Julia, was understandably concerned. In all our years together, I don't know that she had ever seen me turn down food.

Good news, though! I am now rejuvenated and ready to eat again and again today.

The bottom line for today is, I will get the rest of Julia's office equipment up and running, and I will water the yard/garden (this time of year, it has to happen every other day to give those plants and the grass any chance at all), and I will have a nap. A nice, cool nap in the basement, where the A/C is more effective than on the main floor of the house.

And, I will catch at least a little of the Senior Open on TV.

And, in case it is not yet clear, I will do lots and lots of as little as possible today. It's called "life balance." If yesterday did not earn me a day of sitting around doing little more strenuous than watching TV, I am unlikely to ever earn such a day.

Happy Sunday to all of you. It is a very happy day for me!


Olivia said...

Don't we all have a cable rat's nest?! I know I do, too.

Whoo hoo, the Helpful Husband---YAY!

Indeed, Rick, you've earned your nap, for sure!

LoveHubbie is like that as well, never turns down food. I would worry about him if he went to bed without eating, too.

Blessings, rest, and a cool nap,


Rick Hamrick said...

Fortunately for our remaining office-organization chores today, it was a good bit cooler in Denver.

I'm sure it probably was well above 90 earlier in the day, but some clouds moved in and dropped the temperature now, still usually a very hot part of the day, down to about 80. It makes it much more comfortable inside, that's for sure.

Thanks for the good wishes, O!