Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We went to a party--we really did!

It is important to note that Julia and I consider a new episode of 60 Minutes to be party time, so we are far from qualified to comment on the social scene. We, in a word, are not it.

Yet, it is true that Julia and I were attendees at the practically annual Frack Attack, a friend's party in Denver which celebrates her own birthday (her husband is led to believe it is also for his birthday, but come on: he was born in April, Kristin in July, and the party is in July!).

Kristin is an old friend (she is not old, to help you avoid any misinterpretation: she is still her youthful and gorgeous self) who now admits to being, technically, electable to the nation's highest office. I did not point out that, at least recently, it also would imply she is a barely rehabilitated drunk who was on the ballot solely to help her daddy's many cronies in Big Oil. I would have pointed that out, but I really wanted another Alaskan beer before I got tossed from the party.

Kristin and Andreas were the perfect host couple--no surprise, as I have attended, both with and without my own lovely spouse for years--for the summertime fest which may, one day, become known as "Drunk near Downing"...or, if we include Debbie, it could become "Debbie Fracks Denver".

This year, Andreas made a batch of Mojitos which set off alarms at ATF offices across the western United States. Being considerate hosts, Andreas and Kristin served a mojito to every ATF agent who showed up to investigate, and that, in combination with the spectaculicious tarragon chicken salad Julia concocted specifically to throw the feds off the trail, saved the party.

Oh...and Debbie is now engaged to Agent Carlos. Bless them on their path to bliss.

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